Chris and Haggar



Hey guys, this is mainly a Haggar question (posted it on that page too) but hopefully one of you guys can help me.
im currently using Haggar(lariot) , Hulk(gamma wave), Chris(machine gun).
Had alot of great match’s so far but i cannot for the life in me time the OTG crH f+H from haggar into chris’s machine gun.
Could someone please forward me the exact timings of when i should be calling Chris as no matter what the opponent just doesnt get picked up OTG with it and its doing my nut in.
I have no problem doing it with any other character (normally run haggar, hulk, spence/hawkeye/phoenix) just chris and this team shows alot of promise.

BUM makes it look soooooo easy:(


For regular throw call Chris as haggar is slamming the opponent on the ground.

After air combo ending with air pipe or S dash and call Chris at the same time then otg


Still struggling - i can easily see the timing for all other chars and have no trouble but the timing for this is awkward. Even watchin BUM play he seems to struggle consistantly. just seems to whiff like 85% of the time.
Thanks for the reply bud - ill try what you say