Chris as Anchor



how well does chris do as an anchor? i have a team of deadpool/hulk/?, originally had doom but wanted to go for a lesser played character and planned on using the gunfire m assist to get deadpool in close. So, how well does Chris do?


Chris can do it. But be aware of his flaws. If they burned x factor he can make them pay. But remember that he’s not good on incoming.


I wouldn’t recommend it. Either on point or 2nd slot is best. But, feel free to experiment and see what works for you.


Chris is one of the best anchors in the game.

Lvl3 Xfactor Chris kills everything, on hit and on block. His grenades are retarded and it’s a 1 on 1 you can trust no one is getting in on you if played right. However Chris still has weaknesses.


Chris is very easy to stall against, so I wouldn’t recommend it. He has lopsided match-ups against Wesker, Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Trish, Spencer. There are probably more to list as well.

It can work, but he doesn’t have many good qualities as an anchor. He doesn’t need X-factor to do more damage so no need to save it for Chris. Furthermore, his supers are not really good for the neutral game, making him not meter dependent.

My point is, he has the perfect qualities as a point character. If possible, put him in any position but anchor.


Chris really can’t do anything against a person who can superjump and fly all day.
Especially if they can attack you from up there.


Lvl3 XF maybe as grenades are retarded but i really wouldnt risk it, he has no good incoming moves.
Plus if people wanna fly around chris really doesnt have the ability to take em out of the sky…