Chris changed this 12/19/2011 patch

Flamethrower was originally only cancel-able via supers AKA flamethrower XX sweep combo.

Now Flamethrower can be canceled into S (launcher) or specials (landmines, machine gun, etc.)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

holy shit.

Wait, really? Have to try this now.

Wow, this is actually pretty huge. Testing it out (a little) in combos, they seem to do about the same damage for significantly more meter, which is nice, but the real thing is that being able to hit-confirm off flamethrower? THAT’S huge. The Zero and Trish matchups just got much more interesting.

Edit: This does help his damage dealt without meter a bunch as well. Also: It seems to come out a bit faster, that might just me being better with the timing, but suddenly I can do something I was trying to do last week but couldn’t.

you gotta be fucking kidding me… TO THE LAB!!!


Let dat boi cook.


Welcome back to my team, Chris. :rock:


Canceling Flame Thrower into Grenade Toss L is pretty boss

can chris cancel a wiffed or empty flamethrower into a special move? i won’t get a chance to test this out until the weekend. i also remember seeing someone cancelling it with a THC in a combo.

if it is wiff cancellable then raw flamethrower, grenade, flamethrower, grenade…, like Dapuffster mentioned, would make it extremely difficult for a lot of characters without teleports to get in on chris without meter if he can get it started.

flamethrower into prone position and stand back up should give good frame advantage if done fast enough on a grounded opponent.

And also defend from crossups. :]

That’s odd, Chris didn’t appear in the changelog for the 12/19 patch. Was this always in Umvc3 or did they just forget to put it in the changelog?

Yes sir my good man it is whiff cancelable into Boulder Punch, Guns and Grenades so now it is totally on.

it’s pretty awesome for damage and meter building

^Haha, I just thought of a combo like that using spencer. Except im bad at S, j.S, Magnum part, so I gotta jumpback magnum and skip the flamethrower. its 779k though. :confused:

something else changed with him. his Landmine doesnt really connect anymore with my spencer combos. I use to be able to do an post wallbounce OTG Wire grapple with Spencer while calling chris and the enemy would fall on the mine, popping them up for an extender (HARD TIMING) or a reset situation. now the mine doesnt hit. it can, but not in most situations where it did before.

I think he puts the Mine further than he used to. hmm.

Thats awesome, most matchups will definately start shifting more towards his favor. Not to mention that were going to need to start learning new tricks, tactics, and strategies with chris; for the better without a doubt of course.

I don’t want to set myself up for dissapointment and all but I would really love to see both physical and projectile attacks give grenades a premature explosion rather than just try and either shoot them (either you or your opponent) or stay next to them an get hit by an opponent. Would also like for grenades to explode when Chris is also blocking attacks. And last, be able to use prone for more evasive/defensive purposes. All of this is just wishful thinkig from me and all of these changes could definately make Chris’s ground-control gameplay a force of nature to reckoned with gauranteed.

As of now, this buff is a big welcome for Chris that everyone should take advantage of.

nice double flamethrower combos! i challenge you or anybody else to do 3 or more flamethrowers in a combo without x factor!

It’s already very possible with some shenanigans. Say you start with a flamethrower, launch, air combo, land then otg into wall bounce assist. You can cancel the otg gun into medium grenade and if you time it right (and if you’re in the corner) you can catch the opponent off the assist with the flamethrower, then let them drop onto the grenade explosion into another flamethrower. Four or five flamethrower hits may be possible right now. I’d be really curious to see what Chris’ meterless damage potential is now. I’m trying to explore myself, and I’m getting some encouraging numbers, but nothing hilariously huge. I’m hoping somebody will come in with some piece of game-changing tech.

challenga accepted