Chris Christie Vetoes Marriage Equality Bill

I’ve no issue with fiscal conservatism.

I’ve an issue with social conservatism.

This is one of many reasons why:

For extra laughs, read Christie’s laughable defense.

On the other hand, Maryland’s HOD just passed their version.

God, that picture of Christie in the link is priceless…

Am I reading this right? He vetoed it because he wants a group of people put together to explain to people what a civil union is, and to make sure the law is enforced?

Also, that fat bastard looks like Rex Ryan. I think they’re the same person.

Logic: Both are batshit.

Let’s outlaw birth control, and not give equal rights to same sex couples.

It’s not like the Earth is fast running out of resources or anything…

Well that’s just gay.

i’m with you on this, my main problem is that most people espousing fiscal conservatism are labeled far left… the right has just lost it man.

christie is always good for a laugh though.


Chris Christie in a nutshell

that’s what you get for voting that fat goomba mafia looking bastard as a governor. Gay and Lesbian rights should be the easiest bills to pass as a political leader.

Actually, depending on where you live they can be very difficult to pass. It is political suicide in some states.


I liked what some of the comments said on that article. To paraphrase, it said that at one time, women and blacks were denied rights too. Gays have it coming to them, progress is inevitable. It will just take time, since there are so many blockheads like Christie .

love how you guys get your news from LGBT blogs
I also love how they cut out the sentence (right before the quote) from Christie’s release that states he wants to have the public vote on the issue via referendum instead of the govt deciding such a politically controversial issue. A somewhat acceptable cop out in my opinion. hahaa In my heart of hearts I like to think he wants the govt out of marriage and want civil unions to be equal across orientations, but such a goal is a bit grandiose considering more pressing issues. hahaa
In general though, I like this guy.

Having the majority vote on minority rights isn’t really how this democracy thing is supposed to work.

That’s exactly what is happening.

I like Chris Christie.

I agree that the current rules outlined by the govt are not equal across gay/straight orientations, but does the govt grant us our human rights? Since when is marriage and the govt-given privileges it affords, equate to human rights. Whether or not I think that it is fair that the govt take on this role in our lives is a completely separate issue. Can you see the distinction? (iamdrunknow)

Marriage is retarded. Civil unions should be allowed between any consenting adults, for any reason.

Take that you gays!