Chris Dorner vs LAPD

A lot of details on this story thats been going on over a week now. Really got crazy while SRK was down.

Apparently earlier this afternoon there was a firefight where 2 more cops were hit. There are checkpoints around the Big Bear area searching cars for him.

One of the first victims went to HS with me.

Anyone else following this?

EDIT: Summary of events…

Feb 3 - 2 civilians were killed in Irvine

Feb 7 - 1 Officer killed and 2 others wounded

Feb 7 - 2 separate shootings by LAPD on innocent people mistakenly identified as Chris Dorner

Feb 7 - Dorner’s truck was found in Big Bear (Ski resort area outside LA) on fire

Feb 12 - A man identified as Dorner shot 2 officers and was followed to a cabin that is currently on fire

Yea. The cabin is on fire right now. They still haven’t verified if he’s even in there or not…

Fuck this psycho, i hope he’s cooking

I heard that they used hunter-killers to find him? That’s a really damn huge development.

Been watching this all day. It’s tough for me to weigh in because on one hand, the LAPD is known for being really corrupt and I’m all for them getting exposed, but on the other hand, I really don’t think killing innocent people is a way to get your message across.

This exposes nothing, people on his side are conspiracy nuts

this is for sure gonna be a movie

When I was in Northridge, they called he was there I was like WTF that’s like 2 miles away from me.
Any other sources say he’s dead as well?

Apparently LAPD is saying now that no one has entered the cabin and the reports of a body being found is false.

Bourne sequel starring Bob Sapp?

I dunno. I’m far from on his side but the shootings on innocent people exposes some reckless behavior among LAPD, which already has a violent reputation, but it’s definitely not the kind of exposition that Dorner planned for with his manifesto.

If I were a tall black dude living in LA I would have been on edge this past week.

Wasnt lapd who shot recklessly was torrance pd.

Dudes had itchy trigger fingers. They will be reprimanded and fired.

I doubt they will be fired.

May not get fired but best believe they will get sued to high holy heaven.

police officers getting fired for recklessly shooting people? nigga, you cray.

IA looks for any reason to fire cops, give them a good reason and boom gone.

They look for any reason to fire cops nowadays.

no they dont thats complete and utter bullshit. cops do all sorts of fucked up shit and get away with it all the time.

the lapd shot up two ladies and some random white dude in connection to this dorner case because they were driving trucks that didnt even match the color and make. ill bet you one million e-dollars that the cops will get a light slap on the wrist, when really they deserve jail time. they’re caught beating the shit out of minorities all the time, most of the time the minorities are innocent too, and even then they don’t get fired. really the only time they’ll get fired is if they’re recorded gunning down some innocent civilian. of course its a joke that theyre not in jail.

fuck the police

dorner is a bad guy, but the lapd is 100000000000000 worse

Fuck y’all I am cheering this guy on.

And not because it’s been a long ass time since a black dude went bonkers.