Chris Dorner vs LAPD


What was the result of that cop who shot a handcuffed black man on the subway?
And lets not forget a man, hands cuffed behind his back, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his forehead in the back of a police cruiser in Arkansas after being searched twice for weapons. Obviously a suicide, right?



LOL @ them getting fired. Those cops are going to have to see a psychiatrist and get paid time off.

Also, LOL @ journalism being as bad as game journalism. Two hours ago it was, “we’ve found the body, he’s dead”. Now, they don’t even know if they have a body. So many conflicting reports.


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We all know corruption runs rampant, but there’s a method


I will fucking never stop laughing if he is still alive, and just releases a fucking video saying SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER. Fucking Doakes up in the cabin, taking out crooked cops. What the fuck.


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the LAPD came out of this looking just as bad, if not worse, than dorner. they are just lucky that they are such incredibly bad shots that the innocent civilians they shot up did not die, if that were the case, they would look 10000000000x worse than dorner.


they were not armed drones, merely surveillance, but it does pose a interesting question about where americans would draw the line on those types of tactics.


This fool had all the white people in San Diego on high alert lol


I feel like this dude is right for some reason…

I really can’t be mad at him, granted I don’t know many details but it sounds like the racist LAPD finally bit of more than they can chew and this black dude has them shook.


Im surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet that because it was police who was threatened, the response to this individual has been swift and aggressive.

Had it been normal folk, it would be a different story and LAPD would probably be making jokes about the dead folks.

Its obvious LAPD is bullshit, especially with their massive PR campaign over the week.


It’s not “merely” anything in my book, and the line that matters has already been crossed. This is just where the world is headed, and it will only get more efficient and streamlined (and smaller) from here.

How much do chaff grenades cost?


Did they identify his body yet?

Standoff reminds me of the Bronson flick Death Hunt.


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I’ve heard conflicting reports on this, but did he kill racist cops AND innocent people. If that’s the case one thing he’s doing doesn’t justify the other thing he’s doing. And guys makin jokes and stupid ass memes have real issues.


For those interested here is a direct link to his manifesto:


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It’s been confirmed that the LAPD shot at innocent people that they believed to be Dorner. I agree that they are just as bad, tbh the full story isn’t clear yet. The general consensus is the LAPD has severe internal problems when it comes to ethics. Then again that is the status quo of every major institution. Guess we will see how this unfolds but we all know the LAPD is going to spin it in their favor.


the innocent people he killed was the daughter (and bf or husband) of the man who failed to defend him from being fired, and was possibly in on all this shit. The 2 last people he shot and wounded before going to the cabin were people who had either identified him or opened fire on him. Considering the LAPD was already shooting without even attempting to question anybody involved, this sort of makes sense. Also look at the maid’s. He just tied them up, didn’t kill them, even though they were innocent.

His fucking victims were pretty much well chosen.

Sorry, but this dude did what he felt was right when given almost no options, and being fucked over due to the colour of his skin and the shithole he worked at. The LAPD is already opening an investigation into why he was fired, and it’s likely they’re gonna do some fucking spring cleaning and finally deal with some of the trash they allow to work for them.

I still think this man did something that was necessary. But I also felt the columbine shooters were justified too.


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Not lapd who shot those two asian ladies, and one guy. It eas torrance pd, a small town dept

Lapd only patrols the city of la dudes


Also good to see which guys made horrible life decisions that lead to bad pOlice expierences, as in you got got


Is that true, because I know for a fact that LAPD jurisdiction covers Torrance (which is a part of “greater LA”).


A bit excessive for two old women who looked nothing like dorner