Chris/Frank/Vergil: One Touch Kill/Reset & Level 3/4



I don’t even play this team, but came across this messing around with them in training mode exploring Chris’ Grenade Launcher super since everyone sleeps on the creative stuff you can do with it since the second shot causes a forced knockdown. The string to start it all is safe and easy to confirm, but it’s still outlandish IMO. I’d never play this team seriously, but I felt like building a team to just show off random tech with.

The levelling boils down to Frank doing a camera shot after Vergil’s Rapid Slash, but the more hits in it, the tighter the time frame there is for the camera shot.

cr.:l:, cr.:m:,:h:, :l: Grenade Toss (mine), Grenade Launcher super.
Once the second shot (one aimed in the air, that tracks) goes off and you can see a solid smoketrail from it, DHC to Blue Light Special and mash for your life.

After the wall bounce, the grenade should continue to fall and bounce them. This will let Frank do…
:s:, super jump,:m:,:m:,:h:, Knee Drop, call Vergil (Rapid Slash), :h: Tools Of Destruction, Camera Shot. If you time it correctly, you should be at level 3 and have dealt 709K guaranteed.

Wait for the airtech and do Funny Face Crusher. Landed it? Roundhouse + Chris (Combo Punch), roll, Camera Shot to super. FFC alone will push the damage to about 970K and the follow up should kill anyone else.If you use Grenade Toss assist with Chris, you can do a full combo after instead, but Combo Punch would have more practical uses later on.

You can start with a j.:s: for Chris, throw a Stun Rod before the mine, and add a cr.:h: before Frank’s :s: relaunch but more hits = stricter timing for the camera. All those extra hits turn this from costing 3 bars to 2 bars with the meter you’ll build.

It works midscreen, but timing the DHC becomes wacky. Too early and they flip out after the wall bounce from Blue Light Special. Too late means they get hit during Blue Light Special, and not after the wall bounce.


Oh you mean something like this?


And if you read this thread it talks about that specific DHC:


lol, yep.

Like I said, never played that team.

I just liked Chris & Frank, but never liked the teams I could play with them. Just threw then on the same team with one of the best characters and came across this. Your level-up method is wayyyy more guaranteed for Frank, lol. At least I can say I have Vergil and could level up without killing them before Frank gets juiced up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely gonna tinker around with this though.

Grenade Launcher is slept on. :stuck_out_tongue:


While I’d have to lab it to verify, I highly doubt an FFC like that off snapshot is inescapable even for those without air mobility.


The best third for this team is definetly Spencer. Running Chris/Frank/Spencer is an excellent way to play the two of them:



You’re cancelling the Snapshot with FFC. By the time the superflash goes off, the opponent is still in the air techroll. After the flash, it’s pretty much guaranteed regardless of the dash.

Just wait and see which direction they tech. Neutral or back? FFC. Forward? Jump and snatch them with an air throw.

Even then, most characters won’t live through it since Chris probably has chipped off a good amount of health getting to 2-3 meters in some cases. Before the FFC, they eat 709K. If it had to be specialized, it’s meant for big body characters who need to be offed while getting Frank levelled up. FFC > Roundhouse Kick alone puts the whole thing 1K short of 1 mill in damage.


Boy am I sick of people using terms like “practically guaranteed” and “almost always works” on FFC resets. All or nothing peeps, all or nothing.


If you don’t see them tech forward or know they don’t have an invincible air move, they are wearing the Servbot helmet.


Point being, once you’ve shown it to someone once, you’ll never hit them with it again.