Chris matchup thread



I wanted to make this thread to get a discussion about Chris against the cast, tips and what and what-not to do against some characters.

Chris vs Dante

Play safe, stay mid-range, anticipate teleports into air-grab, don’t throw fire grenades, use landmines instead, because you recover after it and block a teleport.
Getting Dante in a combo with Chris, it’s over for Dante, with the right DHC’s it will outright kill Dante.

This matchup is pretty even.

Chris vs Taskmaster

Use Magnum as much as possible against him, Magnum beats arrows, Don’t let him get to close to you, as his normals will break you. if he goes for the mighty swing, advance guard, players usually follow it up with Air M, quickly f+h to punish his whiffed move, Try to anticipate normal jump-ins with shotgun.
So don’t let Taskmaster get too close, his normals are way better then Chris and once he gets you in a combo, you can lay that controller down because you’re in for a long combo.

This matchup is slightly in Taskmaster’s favor.

Chris vs Akuma, Keep him way in the back of the screen, his Tatsu will nullify you’re guns, he has low health, magnum will eat his Hp quicky, whether on block or hit, if he goes for a tatsu close range, advance guard the 3rd or 2nd hit, and he will recover in front of you to get a free combo on him, watch out for his teleport shenanigans with assists when he is close. And when you get akuma in a combo it’s goodnight for him.
What to watch out for, his Hyper, it’s the fastest beam hyper in the game, you can’t do anything back unless you have 3bars and reteliate with your sattelite laser.

Chris slightly in favor.

Chris vs Sentinel

Annoying match-up, his nerf was good, but he got a better boost, a faster flight mode, he can use that to close the gap, because his spit will lose to magnum, his HSF eats your grenade launcher up for free, except when Chris has 3 bars, he can use the invincibility to beat the HSF., keeping Sentinel away isn’t easy he has armor on his Cr. M and S, laying mines infront of him is a bad idea, his armor will absorb the hit, and you get launched instead, Chris can’t punish Sentinels launcher, Cr. M can be cancelled in flight. When he is flying above you block high, or else you will eat a frying pan, and don’t get cornered by Sentinel, he has a command grab if you get overly defensive.

This matchup is in Sentinels favor.

Chris vs Spencer

This is a hard match for Chris, Spencer with meter will eat all of your projectiles, Bionic arm trades with grenade launcher at around 65% screen, at full screen bionic arm will lose to grenade launcher, don’t get too predictable if he knows you’re gonna do magnum fullscreen he will zipline over to you, close range Spencer isn’t very dangerous, he has no fast lows, he has a quite slow standing overhead, if you are looking for it you can block it. Spencer might bait you to do a hyper with a upwards zipline and will counter you with a bionic arm if he has meter, so watch out. if you have 3 meters, bait a bionic arm to counter him with a sattelite laser, if he already used his X-factor.

Spencer is in favor in this matchup.

Chris vs Haggar

Chris is pretty free in this one. Use alot of landmine’s, Shotgun if he tries to jump into you. if he super jumps cross-under and lay a mine and then machine-gun.
Watch out for his Pipe it has quite good range, but other then that, he has nothing for Chris.

Chris in favor.

Chris vs Magneto

Magneto has a fast airdash, his disrupter will beat most of Chris’ projectiles, this is one of the hardest matchups for Chris IMO, Magneto is way too mobile for Chris to keep Magneto away, If Magneto gets in at Chris, Magneto can kill Chris in 1 combo with a juicy combo that leads into gravity squeeze, can be said the same for Magneto, this all comes down to who lands the first hit.

Magneto in favor.

Chris vs Amaterasu

Pushblock against the dog, use alot of landmines and fire grenades, pushblocking will put Ammy in the fire for you to get a combo. 1 combo on Ammy leads to death for her. Chris’ Magnum goes over Ammy, so don’t bother, machine-gun will hit her though, and use alot of jumping d+h.

Chris in favor.

Chris vs She-Hulk, Do not use magnum close-range, her slide goes under it. if you do block it, punish with Cr. M, use alot of jumping d+h unless she has meter, she can anti-air hyper. you should abuse landmines to keep her away. Try not to get cornered by her, she has a fast command grab. If you keep her away you can win this fight quite easily.

Chris in favor.

Chris vs Hulk

Magnum, shotgun’s all-day long, Hulk is easy to keep away, if he jumps toward you, try not to cross-under if he is doing j.s it has a strange hitbox and it will hit behind him. Spamming Magnum’s fullscreen doesn’t work if he is doing gamma waves, so do it after he done one, because he has to charge the next one.

I am tired of typing more stuff, so I will do more tommorow.
If anyone disagrees, please explain and I could edit stuff.


First of all, thank you for doing this, really helpful information.
Second, In any case you’re facing high priority air normals like Tron j. C or Haggar j. 2C, Zero mixups or anything like that, proper spacing + flamethrower is really good.


land mines are ass

don’t rely on them.


They are good against certain characters and rushdown characters, people who keep pressing forward will keep eating them and it stuffs assist if advanced guard correctly


chris can punish blocked beam super from akuma with standing magnum into whatever combo you want. and chris does have combos that will kill a full life akuma after magnum.


My bad, I meant when you are in a attack and he uses a beam, you can’t grenade launcher in the flash


the only character i find really annoying to beat is wesker. it’s just really hard to land a hit against good weskers and even when you do he has a lot of life, a lot more than any of the other fast rushdown/teleporter types, all of which can die with one chris combo without x factor.


I find akumas air tatsu a bitch to fight. It beats land mines flame thrower and air grab.
I don’t think good akumas do standing tatsu anymore.

Wesker I find in chris’ favor. It’s hard for Wesker to deal with land mines and his teleport isn’t too fast.


dante can just air play chris to shut down all has ground options. super jumping magnum or machine gun can only take you so far. plus if you get baited into super jumping, it’s over. either dante teleport combos you or he’s in and you gotta block, which is bad for chris. chris vs dante is in dante’s favor…


Great thread. I’m going to keep in mind what you’ve said about the Taskmaster match up, but I really think Taskmaster has the advantage, but I could just have a problem with Taskmaster in general. : (


i’ve been playing chris against all his bad match ups more and more and after learning them i no longer have a problem against any of them. with a gtfo assist and chris’s high damage output at close range and long range he can beat anyone in the game.


Any character with a teleport (ex. Wesker, Dante) makes you think twice about using Gun Fire, Landmine, and sometimes even Jumping d+C. qcf+M recovers a bit quicker than qcf+H so consider that, but if you get anticipated then they will combo you for free.

qcf+M is perfect against Ammy not just because it hits her low-profile but because if she uses reflect none of the bullets will bounce back at you (Chris shoots 8 shots so if reflected each bullet will just cancel eachother out). Just ignore the fucking Magnum, it’s worthless in this fight and can get you killed. Anyway I still wouldn’t put Ammy vs Chris in Chris’s favor. Once that bitch gets in on you (and she will) it gets rough, even Haggar assist can’t bail you out. This is one of the few matches where I’ll use jumping Shotgun if she’s on the ground trying to throw out M’s. When she gets in I just stay patient, push her out, and then make a move. Against her air-dash it gets harder: if you just stand there she can randomly cross you up. If you jump then you risk getting Air Thrown.

If you see Wesker just tag the fuck out. If you see Wesker with drone or beam assist then watch your ass (or try to jump a lot so he can’t set you up or put pressure on you).

I feel like Wolverine and Felicia can be tough too but you have options. If you can find time to lay down a mine then you can deter generic Berserker Slash and Rolling Buckler pressure but in the skirmish of the fight it can get pretty heavy with Dive Kicks and Felicia’s Air Throw range & combo. If they have drone or beam assist then these matches get much harder since they can rush-in or pressure you the moment they force you to block the assist.

Deadpool I think has some potential to give Chris problems but I’m still on the fence about it. I feel like his zoning game can be annoying vs Chris and I can’t really return the favor.

Magneto can give you problems unless you put down a landmine (does pretty well against his rushdown) or call Haggar. His quick beam can give you problems too if you’re trying to use Gun Fire. Thankfully he has shit health. I kinda feel the same about Zero only once you learn to block his Hienkyaku bullshit the match-up gets better but his Z-Buster can put the pressure on you.

And for God’s sake, don’t ever Super Jump and do d+C during the rise or peak of the jump. It’s like asking to be killed.


Yep, Chris is a beast imo, people are sleeping on him so much, they are in for a rude awakening

Wolverine is just bullshit, his berserker slash has invincibility frames and gets a free combo after it, dive kick is +8…
But Wolverine has no real way to get in on Chris unless he has drones as assist which is mostly used with Wolverine, I am not so familiar with Felicia yet, haven’t played any decent ones yet to see what to lookout for.


i’m good at comboing off of everything chris does so i find magneto and deadpool to be especially easy.

with lariat assist and landmines, rushing magneto dies. zoning magneto dies to magnum combos.

deadpool’s who like to zone with horizontal air gunfire die when they fall into standing magnum combo. deadpool’s ground zoning looses to chris’s anti-zoning and magnum combos. the rest of deadpool’s zoning can be dodge easily or blocked for very little damage.

against opponents that like to teleport or cross up a lot i always prioritize snapping out the assist that they depend on for their offense like sentinel drones, beam assists, or akumas tatsu. without those assist those characters aren’t really a threat anymore.


Try backdashing wolverine’s dive kick. It isn’t safe on whiff and sets you up perfectly for a c.M. If he has a drone assist, snap sentinel in ASAP and dominate him.

Learn the timing on his throw -> otg pistol -> snapout. It’s a link not a combo so takes some practice.


Chris vs. Magneto:
I’ve been thinking about this recently, trying to figure out the best way to play this and it’s hard. I don’t have a gtfo me assist (I use she-hulk somersault which is ok) so I have to watch and think very carefully about each move I make against mag. I’m trying to find a way to stop his tri-jump mix up, so far I’ve tested standing A, B, and C and none of them are great (C is the best though).
Something I’ve been wanting to test is block string into prone. I get pushed blocked a lot and during that time if I was prone I might be able to sneak a shot in. I can sneak a few jumping d+c in, a few qcf+B, but unless I land a throw or a cr. B to do a 100% combo I’ll probably lose.

Chris vs. Dormamu:
No one has mentioned this yet but I think this is in Chris’s favor. He’s a big character so magnum has a high chance of hitting and it’s easier to follow up with dash in otg magnum because his body is long while he’s on the ground. Chris ducks low so gets under his Dorm’s cr. B and even st. B at some distances. Chris’s cr. B punishes dorm’s launcher which can go to 100% combo with a level 3. Dorm’s teleport is easy to catch with an air grab. Grenade launcher eats all of Dorm’s hypers and Chris’s magnum scares Dorm from doing any projectiles.

Chris vs. Ammy:
This is probably close to even so I don’t mind it as Chris. Chris can push block Ammy while she’s doing that mash C block string and sneak a cr. B in and 100% her. Air throw her air dashes because the risk/reward is in your favor. Your damage output for airthrow vs her damage out put is much better for Chris. Chris’s jump S can beat out Ammy B/cr. B, I’m not sure which one but for the most part jump S is hard for Ammy to AA with exception being her counter.

Chris vs. Wesker:
Unless he has an assist to cover his teleport he’s not too bad imo. Push block his attacks and punish with f+B pistol. Don’t do it too much because he can teleport at that moment and punish, but if you train him to teleport after you push block you can punish his teleport. Sj. if he has assist to cover the ground for a long time (sent drones, aruther daggars) and jump over quick ground covering assist (mag’s em dis., task arrows). Weskers like to use C pistol shots. Those shots are faster than Chris’s so don’t try to beat them out, instead I recommend predicting them, jumping over them and counter with Chris’s air pistol.

I’m done typing for now but matches I would like to discuss in-depth with anyone is vs Magneto and vs Wolverine.


For wolverine I do a lot of jumping pistol do deter him dashing in, once he jumps into the air I lay a mine down and wait for the inevitable dive kick pressure. More of then than not they will block the mine, but it gives chris time to set something else up, for example I usually call iron man and :qcf: :m: for some decent chip damage on him, plus it pushes him back a little bit. Once he gets close, while things do get tricky at this point, it can also get ugly for wolvie, I run chris/haggar/iron man, so one wrong guess could mean eating a lariat/land mine/random normal into a 500-700k combo which usually means death since he eats a lot of chip getting in. Overall I don’t feel the match-up is too bad tbh.

I need to test out the ranges of his claw thingy to see if there is a range where they all end up behind you though.


against magneto i corner myself so he can’t cross me up and send out landmines in between a gtfo assist. time it so that there is always something covering you whether it hits or not so he has no openings to rush in. if he rushes in and blocks send out your flamethrower to take out a significant amount of chip damage and send out the gtfo assist first to cover you and then landmine again and repeat when the landmine disappears. force him to play a keepaway game. once magneto’s forced to plays a keep away game then chris will win with his many anti keep away options. learn to regular jump over ground distruptors and standing magnum in between them into a combo.

i have a gtfo assist that i can %100 combo off of and a standing magnum combo that can %100 too so along with the above strategy magneto is very easy for me.

because of chris’s above average life, high damage output, anti-zoning ability, and throws into combos i no longer think chris has any bad matchups when he has a gtfo assist, he either wins outright or the matchup is 50/50 and only a few matchups are 50/50.


I have a couple questions about the two place I highlighted.

  1. How exactly does chris win in a long range battle against magnus? I must be doing something wrong cause I get owned long range once magneto gets into a nice rythm with his disruptors. Prone doesn’t really help for shit as far as I have seen since he can just dash in asap and open your ass up.

  2. What assist is this and could you please share this combo? I use lariat and as awesome as it is, I find it mad diffcult to combo off of, I always launch them to high to continue the combo, so I started going for magnum, jump magnum, magnum, but I realized that was rather inconsistent as well so now Im stumped.


prone shot is ass. i rarely use it because the startup is just too long. anti zoning magnus isn’t as simple as i made it seem. there is no move chris can do on the ground between blocked L distruptors at full screen. at a closer range you can fM pistol and it will hit him on startup after a blocked ditruptor. the best option at full screen is to jump. you can regular jump pistol and it will hit him if he tries for another distruptor. once the zoning is reset you can go for a standing magnum against a predictable distruptor into a combo. the most important thing is to get a distruptor to wiff and mess up magnus’s zoning rhythm with regular empty jumps or air pistols. make magneto understand he can’t continuously L distruptor you without getting punished. either way a zoning magnus is a lot easier to deal with than a rushing magnus.

i also use lariat assist and i otg machinegun to start my combos. here’s one example of a combo with my team: lariat hits, otg machinegun, H,S, air S, air machinegun otg on the way down, ground H, S, air MMHS, ground pistol otg, akuma tatsu assist hits, standing magnum, otg magnum, boulder punch H satellite laser. another variation using less meter, after the akuma tatsu hits, flamethrower, sweep combo, dhc.

if you can’t do a combo consistently all i can say is practice in training mode as much as you can. but if you have a laggy television then magnum combos are especially difficult and you shouldn’t go for them.