Chris Redfield Balance Suggestion

With Capcom going through the process of allowing players to suggest balance changes with Street Fighter 4, I thought it would also benefit if they allowed players to do the same with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I also wanted to gather input from the Chris players on this thread, because I am curious as to how you see Chris as a character, and how you think he should be changed. I honestly am pretty satisfied with Chris as a character. Chris does very good damage (hits like a brick) and can zone pretty well which in my opinion, makes him a pretty well balanced character.

Chris Redfield

  • Buff two specific Properties on Grenade Super
  1. The Freeze hit (1st grenade shot) freezes opponent in place regardless of whether or not they are standing or on the ground. This allows for Chris to take advantage of it’s OTG properties fully.
  2. Player controls when shots are fired by pressing a button for each shot.
  • Light combination punch combo causes crumpled state after completion as opposed to wall bounce. (Medium Combination punch already causes wall bounce)

  • Fix incendiary grenade corner glitch

  • (Unrealistic Buff) Give one Frame of armor to Heavy Combination punch for increased usage as assist, and overall usage offensively.

Changes that I want.

  1. Give him a double jump.
  2. Gun Fire L startup decreased from 25 to maybe 16-18
  3. Give him a Sniper Rifle move that can catch the upper corner of the screen(the area Doom likes to hang) that Chris can’t cover well, but make the move unsafe or have long startup so that it can be punished for being used foolishly.

I honestly only want a horizontal air gun shot, much like Cable jump hp in Marvel 2.
Seriously, just gimme that.

i like your ideas. i also think chris is a very balanced character for similar reasons. i’d add

+slightly longer time for otg after airthrows.
+longer hitstun or soft knockdown on otg pistols.
+flaming grenade needs to have consistent otg/juggle properties against all the cast.

+startup invincibility up to the second hit of sweep combo super.
+much faster level 3 with the aiming reticule already homed in and longer hard knockdown after the last laser hit.
+larger landmine blast radius and bring back soft knockdown for the assist.
+flaming grenade can explode sooner after a trade.
+machinegun assist comes out from behind.

generally improve chris’s options when cornered and/or under pressure since he doesn’t have the mobility to escape/avoid it. improve his meter usage in the neutral. and i think he deserves above average assists.