Chris Redfield - Kara Cancel

Hi all,

I’ve discovered some useful kara cancels for Chris. Hope this helps.

The Stun Baton move is his kara cancel starter - :f::h:

This kara increases all of his moves, and it’s specially useful for greatly increasing the range of Combination Punch. It’s even better than Thor’s kara cancel, and the motion would be:


This start may lead to his Sweep Combo hyper if you make your way into Heavy Blow and cancel it inmediatly.

Thanks for the info but I don’t think this deserved its own thread.

It would be cool if you could kara cancel into the flame thrower

^OH SHI- that would be beyond retarded.

I’ve always been confused about this. Do you have to cancel before a hit to increase the range of the next move? Or can the move hit and the next move still have increase ranged?

You cancel the normal before it really comes out. It’s just that the startup of the normal moves you forward.

Could be good for lobbing grenades further.

Chris really does have the easiest Kara you can possibly Hope for. I mean :f::h: , Sheesh at least Thor’s requires a :d: input.

To make up for it, they made landing Chris’s :qcb::l: :l::m::h: impossible to land :slight_smile:

^ mash

I’ll have to try this.

Does it prove to be useful? How effective is it with lobbing grenades?

Honestly, this kara-cancel has no effect lol… you are better off dashing and throw a grenade lol

This Kara Cancel sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be testing it out as soon as I get home.

something about the kara cancel. you cannot cancel it into a snapback. very odd i think. it would’ve been really nice to have a long range snapback.

It helps for range but the point of Thor’s is that it is quicker than dashing, this is slower so why not dash?

Chris can not cancel early frames (although not noticable) of his dash into any move (unlike most other mobile characters), and since it already starts with an Forward input, you can add a little to not that noticable range on lobbing nades, but more importantly lays the land mine furthur away.

Still it is better th BACKDASH into throwing nades, and Forward Dash into nade adds more range for more unnoticable start up timing.

*Emphasizing unoticable because it is really not that much of a difference.

i’ve found an excellent use for the kara cancel involving the disappearing grenade glitch. after a snapback at the very corner if you immediately kara toss a grenade it will always disappear through the corner wall and not go off at all. this allows for some interesting mixups on the incoming character who are expecting a grenade explosion.

for example end a combo with a snapback at the very corner, immediately kara grenade toss through the corner wall, immediately neutral jump m to keep the opponent grounded land and throw them while they’re blocking expecting a grenade explosion.