Chris Sanders advet fighting game fan, happy to join this group

Well I finally made and account, after reading quite a few post. Basically I’m a fighting game lover who has been playing them since the early 90’s. I’m happy to join this group and hope to discover some hidden gems of the fighting game world.

Welcome! I did the same thing not to long ago and have never looked back since! A lot of good information and people on this site.

Blah blah blah…what is your question?

Be prepared to encounter 99% of the people on this site who don’t know what they are talking about 100% of the time

Well I’ve been looking at this site for a while I’m currently designing my own fighter and have been looking for all resources. Here is the facebook page.

omg…the newbie dojo is for QUESTIONS. wtf is so difficult for ppl to comprehend about that? trouble brewing, can we plz put something about no introductions in the tips/rules thread?

Welcome to the newbie dojo. We don’t usually do introductions (or advertising) here.

If you have any gameplay questions, come back and post them up.