Chris vs. Air/Flight Photon Shot-Happy Doom



This has been on my mind for a while. If there’s one character that I hate playing against as Chris more than Team Trenchcoat Mafia, it’s gotta be that iron mask-wearing foot-diving doctor who can fly high into the air where my projectiles can’t reach him. How in all that is holy can I stop this madman that I can barely super-jump to? The following is a list of tactics that I feel like contributing, because if I’m going to ask questions about certain match-ups I might as well try to be useful in the process.

Chris with backup:

  • Strider assist: Vajra
  • Shuma-Gorath assist: Mystic Ray
  • Dr. Doom assist: Hidden Missiles
  • Hawkeye assist: Kamikaze
  • Dormammu assist: Purification
  • Taskmaster assist: Vertical Shot
  • Deadpool assist: Trigger Happy

Chris without backup:

  • Grenade Launcher as soon as Doom enters flight
  • Pray that Doom lands in a puddle of fire

That’s all I can think of to counter Dooms that prefer to zone rather than combo. Hopefully this should help some people with the Doom match-up. Even though I might use those assists if I felt like it I prefer to use Chris’ other best friend Frank, because that shopping cart is useful as both a GTFO and rushdown assist.


I actually encountered a player like this in NCR10. It was pretty annoying haha, but I managed.

Photon shots do practically no damage. Set up explosives on the floor and don’t be afraid to get hit by the photon shots. Don’t bother with landmines, they are likely to miss doom. Fire grenades are usually what you should use. M grenade is situational, once he begins to fall.

Doom suspends himself in the air, if he’s flying and throwing out photon shots, he won’t be able to change his landing spot (since he already used flight). Prepare a mix-up to where he will fall or foot dive to.

Overall, just be patient. He can drag out the time, but you only need one opening. If anything, you can chip him with some guns once he reaches down on the ground so that you’re winning the exchange.


Ya you gotta be patient depending on your Chris team makeup. Luckily both my assist can hit that area. And doom isn’t the only annoying one I’ve encountered. I fought a Storm that just did that and it threw my whole game plan off. I personally learned to just flood the floor with fire nades, especially underneath them, and go for them while calling log trap so they can’t escape. Just gotta figure out what’s best.


Shotgun him out of the air if he doesn’t dash up and then flight cancel. Any of your bullets will chip him far more than he will chip you with Finger lasers. You can bomb him on the way down too. He doesn’t do enough damage to actually beat you in zoning.