Chris vs Airborne Opponents



I’m having a very difficult time dealing with high mobility characters, specifically those with air dash and flight. A good example to illustrate this point is Trish. When she calls doom missiles and super jump fly cancel into traps and projectiles I am at loss on what to do. I can’t shoot her because she is too high, if I dash under her the missiles get in the way. Is there a viable strategy to counter this (and other similar match-ups)?
My team is Chris, Haggar, Ghost Rider


chris has nothing to deal with that other than SJ himself, airthrow, normals up there (preferably cancelled to magnum to send them to the ground), AA assists (dante/dormammu/doom etc), and 2nd hit of grenade super which is a tremendous waste but is his only move that can hit at that angle. you can also just chuck fire grenades everywhere while they’re flying around.

honestly though he can’t do much against what you listed


It’s so hard getting a solid hit when opponents fly around. I guess if hawkeye is on my team it’ll make it a bit easier but I dont have fun with that character.


Chris wins in a battle of attrition against Trish. If she calls doom’s assist liberally, make sure you punish that assist.

Chris can take a beating, Trish can’t. Chris deals heavy damage in a zoning game, Trish doesn’t. Chris excels in easy chip damage, Trish doesn’t.

Remember that her dead zone also lies around the air. If she catches you with a super or something, shrug it off. It’s meter poorly spent in my opinion. Make sure to get a magnum or machine gun on her once she lands.

If you want to get aggressive, then super jump towards her with gunshots->shot guns. You’re running Haggar, so once you close in, you probably have the advantage.


Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I’ll see improvement against air-corner zoners.

Also, what’s your gameplan against a sentinel + Doom missile. Sent’s limbs lock down chris’s ability to jump, but hovers too high for ground magnum to hit.


Sent+Doom has always been a pretty obnoxious combo. Online makes that team harder. Offline, it’s easier to block his slow mix-ups.

Far away, the gameplay is the same. Super jump and go with down H+magnum/machine gun/shotgun. Do the shotgun if you miscalculated the distance and sentinel is closing in. He’s a big target and the new and improved shotgun should work wonders vs Sentinel. Combo after the shotgun if possible.

Sentinel’s air-to-air game is very dangerous due to his jumping M and frying pan. If you happen to both be in the air and near each other, it’s advisable you don’t do anything and just block what he has to throw.

If you’re far away and you’re super jumping, go for a magnum or machine gun after down H. Machine gun covers a lot of area, but magnum does the damage.

The only bomb traps worth bothering with are the fire grenades. Landmines are seldom effective vs Sentinel. Be very careful of what you’re doing, especially after the sent player calls doom.

Since you’re running haggar, just call him if Sent gets near. Make sure you’re not doing anything as you’re calling Haggar (other than blocking), otherwise that sets up an easy happy birthday for him.

Sentinel is very prone to air grabs. Throw him in the air if he tries to herp derp (jumping H, jumping S) x5.

You win in a zoning game against sentinel, even if he is backed with doom assist. Sentinel has to be on the ground for the laser spits, making him easy prey for down H->magnums. Even standing magnums are great from full screen.

tl;dr Basically, you want to keep sentinel away from you. Choose your gunshots wisely and use grenade toss H if needed. Once he closes in, find opportunities to air throw him while blocking his slow mix-ups.


Yeah, I find that one small mistake = dead character especially against sent. Maybe it’s online but I find air throws hard to land lol.


read my two articles that i posted earlier today they might be of some help too u


When ppl fly, i just wait till they land, and decide if I want to zone them again or go in on them. Making them land on a land mine is ur best anti air against jumpers and to get a combo going.


You know what’s actually a good anti-air vs. airborne adversaries, j. MHS combo chain and a simple st. S. Because if the combo hits, you can immediately follow it up with a ground-chain juggling combo once you land. Mix this up with the occasional airthrow against airborne opponents especially if they get smart and try to conter or escape the airthrow. Hitting an air opponent with st. S allows you to follow up with an air combo or if they block, you can Tiger-Knee motion his special moves.

Speaking of which, st. H and stun rod are kara cancellable.


for superjump height you can also go for the option select forward or back H into air magnum. you can either an get an airthrow or an air H into air magnum. both lead into full combos.


strider varej assist or however u spell it


Yea guys thats all nice an all, but why would a smart player do that in the first place just sj raw like that when they know Chris has land minds etc. OK so lets us say Doom, he won’t need to come up in our faces at if he choose to. All he needs to do is sj spead beam (watever its called) foot dive behind it, Deadpool - Sj forward using diagonal shots, Dante - transform - that speaks for itself, Trish - sigh!

Yea we can sj as well but would magnum beat any of those, Shotgun have a bigger hit box right? The sj :m::h::s: won’t work in that situation…


The explosion from flame grenades can nullify and destroy almost any projectile thrown at you. Throw em out constantly against projectile spammers. j. MHS combo should only be used on enemies that are high enough to to be caught in a normal jump only. Shotgun has longer active frames so it seems like the hitbox has increased. Other than those, you should mostly be on the ground, setting up traps for them to land on when they come back down to the ground; every character in umvc3 can’t do that much while airborne or don’t stay in the air for long.

If all else fails, just try and win your fights through attrition patiently or try and find a way to safely tag out to another character.


I mean in Vanilla I used to use DP Trigger Happy for my Anti-Air, but Striders assist is too godlike, only problem is that I don’t really care to learn Strider lol, but I might have to convert. I said the same thing with Sentinel with another team that I already have done right now and he’s amazing haha


As mentioned in the thread, Punish the assists with Magnum either straight or air.
Chris can’t do much against air opponents obviously but he has one of the best ground controlling game.
Throw as many H grenades as you can so when they come down they have to deal with the pit of fire.


Yeah, the “they have to come down eventually” offense does pretty well for me. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do in the face of punish hypers like gimlet or strange’s book (or just anything trish does for that matter), but regardless, finding a way to set up your ground game is the best thing you can do with Chris against foes in the air or otherwise. That said, I’m having a lot of luck with Chris backed up by rising fang, it covers that normal jump space really well.


Hey GCYoshi13.I got a Q and i wanna know if this works.
What i do to an airborne opponent is when they are in the air, or does an air dash, i do a land mines so when they try to attack me, the land mine can connect and i can connect it with my combo as well.
Is this a good idea or a bad idea.Like what do you think


Hey rushx5, have you considered adding Taskmaster or maybe Dante for their assists?


I’ve changed my team. Now it’s Chris, Hulk (AA), Zero.

I’m liking zero because I can kinda play him like tron (H functions the same way)