Chris's gameplan

With Chris on point your goal is to keep as much distance as possible and cause chip while being safe, now I look at this in three ways, being safe against teleport characters, being safe against non-teleport characters, and being safe on small hit box characters.

We will start with non-teleport, because it is the easiest to learn how to play against. Say your playing against spencer, you want to be safe in your game and that is now easy by canceling your command gunshot into any special. So your first goal is to is make your self safe before your gunshot. You can achieve this by two ways assist and canceling your command gunshot( > + M ). In my team i have sentinel and strider so i either call the drones or the teleport assist from strider. During either assist you you can lay down a mine (dragon punch + L) and then open fire. Now if you are not calling assists you can still make your self safe and that is laying down that mine before you open fire.

Now for teleport type characters, this is bad for Chris. but its still the same for some the same gameplan LAY DOWN your mine, now im am not 100% sure if this is safe 100% of the time but so far it looks like it works. if you lay down your mine and they teleport behind you or above you and they hit you they will get hit by the mine-this is still a work in progress but its a start for bigger and better things. Now DO NOT worry about your command shot because if you get to happy with it they can teleport before you have the time to lay down your mine so you are not safe with that strategy it is still good but dont get too predictable with this.

Small body characters your gameplan may vary on style and this is where my game is flawed lets take a new character, Rocket Raccoon, now Chris machine gun will only chip one time at full screen now if they have good mobility it might make it tough but you still can do this style but be careful for flaws and be ready to rebound so you dont lose chris. If you guys have any input on this please leave it so you can help the rest of the chris users.

How do you guys feel about chris’s matchups and how do you approach them?

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lol so true

you can also include superjump down h, into late sj machinegun coming back down against to those that like to wave under a superjumping chris. helps prevent you from being airthrown and if machinegun hits you get a free combo. especially good if cornered since most characters cannot go behind you.

if you do that predictably u can be punished by wesker dante vergil strider phoenix nova hawkeye magneto storm

of course you can’t spam it. no good player would only do just that and any good player can punish it regardless of their characters but it is a very dominant tool for chris against just about anyone and you can have a gameplan based around this ability but you’ll have to use his other tools like his grenades and assists. it’s really difficult for anyone to deal with a full screen super jumping pistol, magnum or machinegun, with a zoning assist and landmines or grenades out.

I’m glad that to know that I’m not the only one who thinks thats a day-one gimmick and nothing more.

Sorry man, I’m just not seeing it. Especially when j. shotgun can lead into either a chip trap/lockdown or a hard hitting combo. Where as sj. pistol xx magnum won’t really offer much in the long run.

Is down down H useful in this new version? I saw some video showing some good looking technology against teleporters.

I like to use it to help myself against other zoners by ducking under some stuff to gain some momentum back in Chris’ favor. Prone position has SOME uses, but it’s not perfect.

TK Shotgun rushdown is friggin’ scary. Pistol xx Magnum is good for anyone who doesn’t know the matchup.

Sadly I was owned by Prone once. It was fairly embarrassing. I forget exactly what assist was being used, but it wasn’t crap I could do.

I understand Chris’ primary goal is to zone/chip, but if you’re playing against highly skilled players (esp with mobile characters)…they will eventually work their way in or end up right in your face after a cross-up or teleport. I think at this point you need to be able to block/punish or somehow convert a hit into a combo, which is where Chris shines since he hits like a fucking truck.

My question to you guys is how you feel best to initiate combos/punish block strings? Most of his normals have such shitty range (stun-baton has good range but slow start-up)…

In regards to just standard normals (not punishing), I like using jumping S to hit high since most people seem to crouch block against Chris but it will only work so many times.

So how does everyone start their Chris combos/get your first hit in?

I play chris casually i usually like to poke with standing h it has nice range on block ill shot gun or proximity mine on hit do the cattle prod then go to town. I actually started taking more of a liking to him after playing parasoul in skullgirls and there mighty similar (save for the fact that parasouls mixup game is fucking disgusting) i dont feel like he is a chip zoner. I feel like his zoning is there to take up space around mid to 1/4 screen and scare your opponent into making a desperate advance. In essence its like playing resident evil your job is to run. Thats my take on his gameplan anyway from playing him casually. I think chris with disruptor is good just because i feel like for most matchups fullscreen is NOT were you wanna be and disruptor puts the brakes on everything.

EDIT:also when i say nice range on standing h i mean bullshit range think of one of the twins sword buttons.

In addition to what’s already been said, I think a big part of Chris’ game is giving and taking space. Think Guile in Street Fighter: you want to build space to back up into. Most basically, use jumping shotgun to move forward and jump gunshot to move back. I’ve also had some success doing this with assists (there are many that work: hidden missiles, drones, vajdra, most beams, shopping cart, gamma charge of various varieties. I have something against winning, so I use Iron Fist and Chun Li). Part of the reason I think that rising fang is an incredible assist for Chris is because it takes them to the corner on hit, and even on block it sends them away and gives you time to throw out some grenades. Fire grenades are your best bet against most rushdown and teleporters, so use them often and as safely as you can manage. Chris’ mixup game is quite weak, so you want put yourself in the best position possible. There is good lockdown out there for his pretty good pressure game, but I’ve given up on trying to control where the opponent is (it’s useless against teleporters and tridashers anyway, and when was the last time you went up against a team without either?) and instead I just try to avoid their mixups. Want to teleport behind me? Well, I corner-scammed you and there’s fire there now that sticks around weather I get hit or not. Trying to come in from normal jump height? Eat k’un lun boot.

Also, I really do think chip is vital. I mean, sure, I’ve got a Chris combo that does 950k with one bar and 1.1m with two, but how often am I going to start a combo with c.M or j.S or a gunshot or something so I get that full damage? Not very often at all, let me tell you. But hit confirming off a rising fang, or a landmine or pushblocking someone into a fire grenade and dashing in for a combo? Yeah, that actually happens, and if they have an average health character or above, you still want to be killing them off of one touch, and sometimes that means softening them up to about 850k or so; he can hit that no problem even from highly scaled combos.

What do you do against people who just hang out in the top corner of the screen? I dunno, pick Strider, I guess. I throw a bunch of grenades because I don’t really have any other options and, hey, they have to come down eventually, right?

I’m also trying to develop his anti-zoning game, because I really think that’s where it’s at for him. He punishes bad zoning decisions really hard and he covers superjump descent really well, but that’s as far as my thinking goes right now.

Chris wants to just chip people out and force them to make a move. I actually like being in the corner with Chris because that means when I come down with him J. S wont whiff on the other side and I wont get punished (this makes my blood boil). Then I can start a block string to lay a mine, call an assist, and gain back some space. Or I can come down with air S then try and throw them back into the corner (a little gimmicky but it does work).

Throws are a HUGE part of his game remember that. He can still get like 500-600K after a throw which is a huge threat.

Also abuse flamethrower-landmine cancel… it is really really good and essentially creates a wall in front of him. Gives you the chance to create space.

Dont be afraid to wavedash in for some surprise offense every now and then to keep people honest.

Chris main problem will always be teleporters or people who can get behind him quickly (especially ones that can port to the otherside in the corner). Against them just make sure you are throwing every possible chance you get (people get stupid against Chris sometimes and do some piss poor teleports).

Everyone knows Chris’ number one problem is the ever dreaded saber wielding reploid who ain’t no afraid of pushing buttons. It’s so bad I’m beginning to think even his raw inputs are safe of block.

Capcom Employee: Hey, what do you guys think about making it so whenever Zero pushes a button he has an entire hitbox around him?
Everyone: That sounds ****ing amazing. Let’s do it.

Zero is a hard match-up for everyone.

Fire grenades help greatly though. Manuevering in the air and falling in with machine gun is very important too. Zero can hit you in the air, but often times he can’t convert into a full combo easily. As long as you are moving and firing, Zero can’t lightning dive or lvl 3 buster as easily.

You have to bait zero with landmines and fire grenades and go for ToD. If you don’t have a BnB that does 830k with Chris, experiment with team aerial exchange or X-factor if you know the other characters won’t be a problem.

Staying mid-to-close-range and taking advantage of his grenades (yes, all three of them) is very important to Chris. Since the grenades will help put the fight in his favor slightly more.

M/H grenades can nullify a lot of the projectiles that your opponent will throw at you because if the opponent’s projectiles end up hitting the grenades before you then there is nothing that they can do to you; it does not work with hyper combos though. Rushing down enemies with grenades and attempting to hit them is going to mean that you either start a hard hitting combo or they hit you first and eat the explosion caused by the grenade.

H grenade is what you will want to be throwing out most of the time due to how good it is at stopping enemy mobility and allows you to break free from various attacks that might lead into combos or overall impending doom for Chris. Since you can’t throw out multiple landmines towards the opponent, this is where M grenades come in handy. Once a landmine is out start throwng out a couple of M grenades to cause an even greater explosion or to advance towards the enemy and aggitate them with low shot/cr. H/stun rod/flamethrower xx special move. You can cancel stun rod before it hits the opponent, making attacks like rhino charge or aegis counter useless on Chris.

Staying mid-to-close-range while keeping as many grenades out on screen and simultaneously centering Chris and the opponent around and in between them will help you out a lot.