Chris's genade launcher super



Chris’s grenade launcher super is good for huge damage,but require specific set ups for it. This super is also good for beating about every beam super in the game. as long as the ice grenade gets shot and explodes, might just be shot, it nullifies and/or trades with the first hit of the opponent’s super. This could lead to a free punish or a really good way to get the super off and dhc into safety while getting the most damage out of it. This could also lead to really good set ups. This however is kinda hard to do on reaction, and on some beams it is specific on the timing for it.
idk if anyone posted about this, but i felt that it would be a good idea to spread some information around to all the chris users on srk.


Yeah, it doesn’t have many uses outside of combos. You have to have done the super before their beam super for it to work. If they do theirs first, it’ll beat out the start up of the Grenade Launcher. It’s best used against Storm’s Hail Storm and Dormammu’s Stalking Flare. They can both be beat on reaction and allow you to DHC for a punish. Other then that, I don’t really know of any set-ups for it or what can be gained. It does minimal chip but if you can get the up shot out and then DHC into a power up super like Devil Trigger, you can get a solid mix up with it.


it still is a good way for a dhc out especially when in chip range and to counter the raw super that could chip you out, i know that if used against iron man’s proton canon if activated roughly about the same time chris beats it, usually if chris’s cinematic happens first you beat the beam. Even if it trades with the first hit of the super it gives you a free combo