Christina Aguile...HOLy Zeus her boobs!






Yes sir!!! but take the cuss word out of the title for the mods have a fields day on you.

duh she just had a baby

jealous of the baby

^ ha ha

OMG Christina!!! and dem bubz!!! Ellen was so trying to get into Christina’s pants, can’t blame her

those aren’t mommy boobs. no waaaaaaaay.


Those look delicious. I bet Ellen had to rub one out after the show.

I’m sure Ellen though that was the breast part of her day

:rofl: zinng and we have a winner

christina is always one of the breast, err i mean best. wait no i meant breast.

damn she looks complete now :lol:

godlike boobies :wow::looney:

^ for the win!

fuck the kid…you know her husband is milking them breasts for all their worth.

finest of breast milks