Christmas Day Walnut Creek/Concord Session- December 25th

I’m gonna hold a session at my house which is right on the walnut creek/concord border. I want to spend Christmas with my street fighter family! Lol. Plan on drinking a lot of alcohol and blazgreen will be plentyfull.

Could use another 360 te stick.

Pm me or post here if you want in.

ooooooo dam…its on baby! count me in. booze, greenery and sf?..nothin happenin for me on x-mas, if there are any others who hate thier family or just flying solo for the day lets do it up big for santa! that fat bastard cant play anyways so if we’re up when he shows we can bet him a match for presents :wgrin:
i can bring some decent homemade cookin too if everyone is down for simple and delicious!
i’ll see if anyone of my pals wanna show…just be prepared for they are very elementary at fighting games in general lol

gonna be lame that i’m out of town for this.

anyone else want in?

Looks like we have some people coming now…could use another 360 te stick… Anyone?