Christmas swag thread

I’m startin this shit off now, cause my moms gave me the one thing i wanted since like sept. no more need for a damn scanner. this…

this picture framed:

also got a 50 dollar gift card to a local vitamin shoppe. got some more stuff tomarrow.

this one has pics, i like it more

how is the inkling? im not that impressed by it so far. im waiting for wacom to make a tablet with cintiq levels of pressure sensitivity before i buy anything other than my toshiba portege

havent tried it out yet but from demo vids it can detect a good amount of pressure. im prob gonna whip out a sketch tonight…maybe make a vid for it.

im gonna make a video tomarrow morning…i just cracked it open tonight…needs a 3 hour charging time for pen and recording. its all nice and slick lookin…its all black. im gonna record a video tomarrow morning for my friends curious about it.

as the japanese would say mehrry kurimusus

Check out my bands cover of The Nightmare Before Christmas song “Whats THis?” [media=youtube]qOhmRvZvDlw[/media]