Chronicle the Movie Thread

Media topic of the day. Hopefully America doesn’t do to Akira what it did to Dragon Ball Z… And Street Fighter… And pretty much every anime franchise. Inception did do Paprika a lot of justice though.[media=youtube]i-M5Qx57_UU[/media]

I can think of at least one thing wrong with this thread title.

So is this about Akira…or Chronicle?

I don’t remember much of Akira but this doesn’t remind me of it at all

lol no it’s not about Akira.

This is as much Akira as Transformers is Evangelion.

Well Evangelion is about as good as Transformers but otherwise yea, on point. Akira to for that matter.

A lot of mockumentaries coming out lately.

you on drugs nigga?

Lol if y’all can’t see the homages to Akira in the trailer then you all must have never seen the movie

This almost seems like a bot post…

Looks okay so far. Wallace lives?!

Like what?

I didn’t know that people moving shit with their mind was an Akira only thing and that every show that has teenage heartthrobs doing such will always and forever be based on Akira. Movie looks kinda corny but whatever.

PS: Manga > Anime

akira the movie sucks compared to the manga anyways. yamagata gets jobbed

Exactly. Akira’s a fucking terrible movie. It’s an amazing ass Manga tho.

I thought the movie was good for what it is, granted wasn’t the manga like 8 volumes or some shit?

The Teddy bear the eventual god complex that andrew develops,the gov. Sweeping in and getting destroyed the toy store, the fact micheal b .Jordan"s character is always wearing red

the trailer gives off a strong “akira shot like cloverfield” vibe to me

6 volumes all of them are something like 300+ Pages long.

I thought the anime was good but it just can’t contain the entirety of the manga

the anime wasted too much time on the biker gangs, which in the grand scope of the manga were really unimportant.

they skipped chiyoko, the psychic lady’s ass kicking kid minions, the US trying to invade Japan to name a few, and the ending for the manga was far and away more satisfying than the anime

akira still gets props for being the best looking anime ive ever seen, even til now