Chronicles of the Void

Hey Fellow Shoryukeners,

Aside from 3rd strike my second love is Pen and Paper RPG (yea, I’m that kind of nerd). I have been working my butt off with a close friend for a little over a year on the creation of our own Sci-Fi RPG and I have been primarily handling the “crunch” or mechanics of the game. I am very proud to say that SF and many of the deeper tactics I have enjoyed for years from 2d fighters have been the primary motivation for my approach to the games play style.

Some of these things, that are not typically found in RPGs, include -
[]Coordination system that allows big, strong and slow characters (think Hugo) fight alongside quick, agile, lower damaging characters (think Ibuki) fight side by side.
]Active defense and counter attacking (do you have the patience to hold down back and not jump in?)
[]Momentum dice (or version of comboing)
]And even Upgrades and unique abilities like - hidden missiles, tiger knee, disruptor blast, dash cancel, red perry, and bionic grappler.
This has been a huge labor of love and if you are also a 2d fighter and love RPG’s I sincerely hope you’ll consider giving Chronicles of the Void a shot!

Just wanted to give this a bump and let everyone know the game has funded! A big thanks to any fellow SF fans that helped make this happen and with 24days left there is still plenty of time to pre-order the game, sound track, or anything else you might want!