Chrono Resurrection Playthrough

LOL, you guys are wild and crazy with the INTERNET HATEZ Sqaure shit. You guys are fucking wacky.

HK-long - It’s qute obvious you guys are secretly working on it still. Big ups. And here’s hoping an “unfinished beta, prior to being ordered to cease work” leaks. :tup:

I hate on what I want, and I hate on you son (yes, sarcasm) . It’s not like I am in front of the computer with veins popping out of my head, by the way. But these times Square Enix desverves to be hated on AND they should know…because lots of people don’t like what they are doing right know.

Parasite Eve on mobile phone, yayyyy :looney:

Thanks Square, now my drawls are full of tears and snot.

I still remember when this got canceled, classic global cock block.

They should torrent that shit.

Square knows this, which is probably why they aren’t doing it. They know regardless of when they’d decide to do this, if ever, they know it’s going to sell, so why do it now? They’re going to let all the shit they have now play out and when it seems like they are getting stale to the point where stuff isn’t really selling anymore to even the most hardcore fans, they drop a bomb like a remake or something.

Well there’s always Chrono Crisis???

Wow…I am speechless. That was amazing. If you guys ever do release it I will rock for sure. Good lord that looked good.

oh my gosh square is more concerned with making money than stroking the dicks of 5 fanboys online!

They made Chrono Cross with a poor budget…and it was a great game. Back then they made game with much more than money on their mind and it showed in thier games.

I miss those days :sad:

See that’s the thing. They should look at a project like this, and realize “WOW!! People would pay money for re-releases of old games if we gave them modern graphics/audio and left everything else untouched!” Even said FF games would be awesome if they actually gave them an audio/visual overhaul, instead of just a port with an added FMV scene or something.

Of course as long as people buy the re-releases of FF without modern graphical updates, why should they bother putting forth the effort? :sad:

Most of these people are japanese. They are crazy for these shits…japanese people :arazz:

Yeah, and as I’m 24 now, I realize there are kids/teens now who are coming up in the PS2 generation and even the current consoles, and never played some amazing games like Donkey Kong Country, Mario RPG, Xenogears, half the Final Fantasies, and so on. The list goes on.

I was playing some Mario RPG music over the mic in Team Fortress and somebody was like “WTF is this gay shit?” Some people quickly defended it as “awesome Mario RPG music stfu!”, and some others had no idea what it was.

I don’t mind the fact that I’m getting “old” in my gaming years, but I think it sucks for the newer generations to miss out on some of the true classics of yesteryear.

Sadly, this is where a game like Chrono Resurrection would hit the nail on the head. Stupid Square… :sad:

That video was great and all, but I believe Toriyama’s characters looks best cell-shaded.

it looked like how dragon quest 8’s engine was like or based on

why square, why?!?:crybaby:

Here is something for you guys!

Oh no doubt for a fan made game it looks really good. Who knows if it wouldve been fun to play through though.

Robo looks tiote in that pic… resize it though?

The models look like apes to me. Arms are too long. I really liked their credits movie though, that would have been kick ass if it was in CT.

WTF i tought the project was cancelled due to Square threating to sue!! but that guy is actually playin it!!or is he one of the developerS?