Chrono Trigger 'I Win!' button

This glitch is just crazy


I dont understand, he did some revive thing and it killed the boss?

explain yourself mister

what the flibidygib?

It’s been a long time since I’ve played the game, but I will try to explain. For whatever reason, after everyone dies and Chrono is equipped with that item that gives you one free revive, if you use elixir on the opponent right after, their HP and MP are automatically set to 0 which means they’re dead. That just…isn’t supposed to happen.

the description says it the ‘overflow bug’ that instakills lavos. Seems like there might be more to it. I’ve never seen it before.

Hrmmm… What item was that? I don’t remember such a thing.

You guys got tricked. That’s not chronotrigger. That’s a dramatization of SRK vs Son Them All.

From what i remember reading on this, what happens is Greendream (item that allows 1 auto-revive per fight) is capable of accidentally allowing items to target enemies. Elixir always heals an amount equal to max HP/MP of target. 2nd and 3rd form Lavos both have enough HP that doubling it will cause an overflow and instantly kill them. They are the only bosses in the game with enough HP from what the discoverer of the glitch said.

So “Overflowing” someone’s HP over 9999 is an instant-kill?

Would that also work on the final form of Spekkio?

9999 isn’t the cap, I think it’s 32767, so anything with >16383 HP would die. Maybe it would work on Spekkio, I don’t know the stats for his different forms, but since that form only shows up when your level is capped, why would you need to bother doing that? =P