Chrono Trigger - Marle illustration


Here is a second CT art piece I made recently.
Hope you’ll enjoy it.


0.5 Pencil
Photoshop CS2

well done!

I like this one better than your other group pic. I think you can do away with the black lines in her folds and you need a little bit of structure in her eye sockets, but not too much that it’ll take away from the style.

I’m gonna agree with the eye thing. Everything else is SUPER good, but a problem lots of people have with liking anime style is directly copying it. Reference real eyes and then abstract them how YOU see them in any style you want instead of copying a style. If Multiplicity taught us anything it’s that a copy of a copy of a copy is bad news… except for pizza in the wallet. That’s gold.

That’s awesome.

I noticed ikn your profile that you’ve got Chrono Resurrection listed as your website. Was this peice of art for that project?


Thanks I appreciate the comments.

As for the style , I’m not trying to copy anything in particular, but insted just having a good trying diferent things no matter how they come out.

As for the Chrono Resurrection website :slight_smile: I’m the Art Director and main artist on the project and yes the illustration is related somehow to it. I’m making it for anywone that likes Chrono trigger.

Alright…have a good one!!!