Chrono Trigger now in Apple AppStore

The greatest rpg and/or game of all time is now on itunes app store for $9.99

Stop reading this and go and download it now.

Yes this did deserve it’s own thread. Deal with it.

That is all.

final fantasy 6 is better

i’ll buy that if it ever comes out on ipad

FF6 is not better. Obv its on ipad to no?

yes it is better

and last time i checked, they only had FF1-3 available for iphone/ipad. Did not see any SNES games available

FF6 is better.

the great debate.

Never played either of them. Get @ me.

FF6 is not even close to better.

Pfft its all about FF2 anyway. Thats the best FF

FF fanboys of course think FF series is and the best rpgs, when its all a matter of taste, CT had a better story and gameplay. Id rather play DQ over FF series though

Why are you classifying me and Fishjie as FF fanboys?

Cuz he is stupid or trolling

im not though, FF6 is good CT has a much lager fanbase, something about time travel, and fighting with a frog, robot and cave women just kicks ass.

ct was definitely better. will cop.

This topic is missing FFV, the best FF

or maybe you just like to suck dick

FF6 is better than CT. Both are great games though.

i like them both. i can’t choose which one is better between them. CT has more replay value though.

Hows about not supporting SE releasing this game AGAIN.

I already supported them by picking up the DS version.
Which was worth every penny.

But please re-release FF6 already.