Chubby Boy Films: Matador


I’m sure most of you saw Balrog: Behind the Glory, I loved it, so I’m having high hopes for this one.

[LEFT]“Right now, “Matador” is just an idea. To give us the chance to make this film, please visit our IndieGogo page and donate whatever you can. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]With your support, we hope to make this film a reality! See you at Evo 2012!”[/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=Helvetica][SIZE=5]“The Point: ****[/SIZE][/FONT]Hey Guys! Remember us? We made Balrog: Behind the Glory - that documentary-style short film that premiered at Evo2k11. If you saw it, hopefully you’re now avid fans of ours and if you didn’t, you can watch it for free on YouTube![/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=Helvetica]The long and short of this campaign is that we’re big Street Fighter fans and talented filmmakers, but we’ve spent all our lives’ savings on BBTG and need your help to continue making movies. If you’d like to see a badass action/drama staring Vega (aka Claw), donate whatever you can![/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=Helvetica]We need $20,000 to make this script a reality, and every buck counts! Thank you in advance, SF fans. Hopefully we’ll see you at the world premiere in Las Vegas at Evo 2012!!”[/FONT][/LEFT]


Damn, this or 50$ for doctors without borders? So tempting! Either way, 50 Bucks are just 12 Euro give or take :wink:

Oh dear…If they went into his proper back story this could be sad :<

I will throw my 50 soon but I just have some sugestion…please let vega be caucasian…most people in spain are…the guys that previusly portrayed him in the movies and in the previous short did’nt look like Vega…I know it must be hard to find someone tall strong and somewhat goodlooking but don’t cast guys like taboo to do the part…also…please do some research…don’t have him dancing tango or speaking spanish with mexican acent…if you don’t know just don’t go there…the culture from spain is very unique and is not to be confused with countries of latin america…last please don’t make him a flamboyand gay stereotipe as far as we know vega is straight or really we just don’t know he is in love of himself but seemed to be capable of admire the beuty of womans (cammy and chun)…don’t make fun of him…as Francys said he has a very interesting back story and it is a tragic one…end of the rant…sorry about that…

This guy played Claw in Balrog:BTG, so a huge shot he can play him in Matador. Not a bad looking guy at all but I think we need someone that looks more narcissistic and evil looking.

I thought some of this exact same shit.

Am I a dick because I hope this project never gets done?

Either way, aside from SF II Animated Movie, anytime anyone tries to cinematize Claw shit just goes horribly, horribly wrong, leaving his fans everywhere to cringe from the god-awful kitsch they’ve just witnessed.

The thought of some dark guy from Tiajuana with long hair acting gay is just too much for me. What ‘worked’ for Boxer won’t work with us. I really hope this never sees the light of day.

Also…Hatzlan are you actually involved in this? Like, hands on? Because I honestly don’t mean to disrespect anyone but this is how I truly feel.

But, eh, who am I? Whoever’s attempting this, do your thing.

EDIT: Fact: Vega is not gay, sadistic arousal comes from the suffering and blood shed of others, not sexuality.

Gief is gay.

This guy


No, not at all. When I saw the OP it was looking like it was something that was going to happen for sure, that they already were filming it. I just wanted to clear things up.

yea sorry about that, should have included that lol

Personally, I’ve never wanted to pin an exact sexuality on Vega. He doesn’t seem to look at gender labels when assessing beauty :stuck_out_tongue: Just how I feel anyway.

He also seems to have hematolagnia under his list of sexual fetishes, so you seem pretty spot on with that.

I’d love to see this go ahead but only if they can get him right. He also should be speaking with a Catalan accent since he’s from Barcelona. Which also means he’s more than likely to speak Catalan as opposed to simple Spanish. It’s way more romantic sounding and it really fits his character.

Barcelona was such a cool city. I won like $200 at a card game where someone else got mugged :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like the beach and it’s big ass sharp ass rocks though.

I did buy a spanish flag while i was there

That’s exactly right. In my view, Vega’s view of beauty has nothing to do with sexuality. I feel he can find a man just as beautiful as a woman but be sexually attracted to neither. That’s why when people say Vega desires Chun-Li I’m like “yeah…no.” At least from my perspective. He appreciates her beauty, nothing more. I might even go so far as to say Vega desires to have sex with nobody, since I believe he feels no one deserves him, if you get what I mean.

But deep down, I believe all humans are born with an urge to satisfy an animalistic type of desire, and Vega’s is sadism. While most people realease that ‘urge’ through sexuality, some achieve ultimate pleasure watching others suffer, and some go a step further and enjoy inflicting the suffering upon people, and Vega fits this category.

I mean think of the SF II animated movie.

Vega watches Chun-Li take a shower, then attacks her while she’s only wearing two pieces of clothing. He then slashes those clothes to shreds, to where she’s literally almost fighting him in the nude, and after all this, when he finally gets her down, his only desire is to inflict more suffering upon her, more graphically put to skin her alive. It’s like he’s completely oblivious the fact that a hot chick is laying before him in rags; all he sees is another potential victim. I doubt he would’ve cared if it was a man in Chun’s place, as long as he gets his fix.

Talk about a fascinating, albeit perverse, character design. No other character in the world of animation/ video games is like Vega, I feel he is so much deeper than anybody else, so much more layered.

Well in the street fighter II victory anime…vega sneaks in on chun li’s room while she is asleep and kiss her…(I don’t remember well…somehow brainwash her and fights ken in the cage…that’s the best vega is been portrayed in any media…in my opinion …he cuts ken and watch him bleed…eventualy ken manages to fight back and beat Vega…but after a long bloody and pretty dramatic fight…the caracter design and animation in this series was not very good but vega is spot on…sadistic…strong…elegant…deadly…here vega opently wants chun li and seems to compete for her with Ken…anyway that anime is not “canon” and all the characters are diferent from their clasical video game selves…

That’s very true…but he was also only 18 at the time and perhaps had not, shall we say, blossomed into who he would eventually become. Good point though.

Although I also think Vega doesn’t show an explicit sexual stand, and think that he can easily be asexual as he doesn’t think anyone deserves him, I don’t like everyone going “he is not gay!” when it’s implicated, as they wouldn’t say “he’s not hetero” if it is implicated. I have always been against homophobic arguments. That being said, effeminate behaviour has nothing to with his being gay or not, as it is a total misconception of societies that all the gay people are effeminate and all the effeminate people are gay. So I would love to see him not having sexual desires for anyone, if this project, or any other recreation of Street Fighter, is made.

I also find it horrible that in several SF animations I have watched, Vega gets beaten up and no way seems sadistic (except one, in which he impaled Ken’s foot), and always retreats when the opponent damages his face. I think the reasonable think would be his going even more frenzy when this happens. That also would go parallel to his doing more damage with his mask off in the game.

plugs fingers in ears SF II V Anime doesnt exist to me lalalalalaala

When do you plan on starting work on the fan film?

This is exactly what happens when Chun fucks his face up in the animated movie.

That movie has the absolute, picture-perfect portrayal of what Vega is supposed to be.