Chuck E Cheese mouse getting a makeover into a rockstar


Times are bad Mr. Cheese! Old looking mouse gotta go to fat! Bad rep for kids!

New nirvana grunge hipster mouse time



They should rebrand them as “Charles M. Classy’s Gentlemen’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen” and make them a hostess club where strippers feed you wings and give you lapdances as you play Call of Duty.
Kids would love it.


You had me at Gentleman’s Club.


He’s always had a guitar and a hat.

And fuck that mouse, he gives me the willies now that I’m older.


When I was 6 I had my birthday at Chuck E Cheese. A couple weeks earlier I had hit my older cousin between the legs and was told that it wasn’t good to hit guys there. Well at my birthday Mr. Cheese was there and I distinctly remember having a random curious thought about whether rats were the same way. In a flash my tiny fist became clenched and I acted upon my curious impulse with a swift strike to the crotch.

It must have been a good hit as the rat immediately crumpled to the floor. I found this pretty entertaining and shouted to my fellow children “LET’S GET CHUCK E.!” Suddenly the flashing lights of the games were no match for the joy of hitting a vulnerable man in a giant rat costume. He fled to the safety of the back rooms, but I was thirsty for more.

Every time the rat tried to slip out and mingle with the playing kids I would point at him and declare “THERE HE IS!”. That’s all it took for him to retreat again as the mob of children chased him down.

So yes, fuck that rat. But thank you Mr. Cheese, I wouldn’t be the bitch I am today if it wasn’t for you.


New mouse looks like a scott pilgrim wannabe.


New chuck e looks like the kids I beat up in high school

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This makes me wish I punched more girls in the vagina as a child.

By more I mean any.


You can always punch rats.

That bitch Minnie has it coming.


I haven’t been there since those childhood days… I remember when it was “Showbiz Pizza” with Billy Bob being the main character, and Chuck E. was on the sidelines… do they still keep Billy Bob around?

Sheeeit, the last thing I remember about that place was the pizza. The video games and prizes you could get in exchange for tickets you won with skeeball and other games…that was the real attraction.

haha, I just remembered the “animatronic” band that would perform, and it always making some kids cry over how disturbing that visual was.


Still better than the last update they had where they turned him into a sk8tr boi that was outdated the moment it came out.


i hated anything that had a lame mascot , so i’ve never been to one and i didn’t care to go. i went to mr gattis instead


something about a rat with pizza never sat well with me…I was like hold up…

there’s a big ass rat serving me pizza? no thanks


Bowling for Soup? lol :rofl:
Should’ve aimed for Mikael Åkerfeldt :rock:
Come to Chuck E. Cheeeeeeeeeessaaaaaaaagggggghhhhh!!! Where a kid can be kid”

New Chuckie is still outdated.
Make the dude look like Lil’Wayne. That should ring a bell in your target audience.


I used to attack chuckie when I was a little kid, have no idea why.

oh wait yes I do.

Fuck him, thats why.

And their pizza and wings are sub-par at best, mediocre even, I wouldn’t take a kid I hated to chuckie cheese, and I hate everyones kids.

Dave & Buster’s is where its at.


I actually have Chuck E. being attacked by me and other children on a VHS around here somewhere.

Glad I wasn’t the only one.


Did you guys punch him in the crotch?


After almost 20 years of loyal service, he gets shooed out like some kind of unwelcome rodent!


Is this because he gave you his willy when you were younger?




If you’ve went to Chuck E. Cheese, do you remember that nasty ass smell it had? My nose is way too sensitive now to ever go back in that place.