Chula Mall Reloaded

Just cuz it has tekken 5, and a marvel machine, ppl started showing to this arcade lately at random times, mostly in friday afternoon.

Anyone going tomorrow? ima be playing marvel and practicing tekken 5.

I’ve noticed that more and more people have been showing up there recently too. I pretty sure Tekken 5 has something to do with it tho. Same with Plaza Bonita. But I’m still on MvC2 =].

whoa a kaillera player that lives in S.D.?

i knew another one besides Dios but he was from -x- as well and lived more up north.

Word around town is that dios is really a girl :wow:

Yeah i know what you mean. Most Kaillera players are East Coast (which makes it harder for me to get a good match going =). I’ve played Dios before online. I remember he had a badass GW =]. don’t see him on kaillera too much now-a-days tho.

I think I played you before on kaillera. You went/go to Montgomery right?

ive been playing kaillera agin recently, hard to find a good server. you go to chula? we should meet up and play some games, maybe even mvc1 since its there.

my GW is still trash and yes ima girl plz squeeze da boobie

Yeah, I do go to Montgomery. Well at least until June comes around…then im out. NeRemixed…that name doesnt sound too familiar too me. What name were you using when you played me??

For a good S.D. server go to Singleclick Arcade. Been up for a while…either that or CS’s server when its public.


ahhhh I remember, riceboy =]. used to be in Devil’s right?

Does anyone play Tekken 5 at Chula? Days/time?

Let them know I’d like to fuck them up. Thanks. :slight_smile: :encore:

tekken 5 is always being played. and ggs to the chula peeps today, shuma owns you for free haha

where in the heck is Chula mall? I’m from Los Angeles and I play at UCLA or at Westwood. Sometimes I go to FFA but is to far so I rarely go there but I have played in NY(chinatown), NJ(8brake),etc…I really don’t have much time for that description and probably you guys don’t care…but anyway, I play MvC2 hardcore and anyother ones so just let me know.

Chula Mall is in Chula Vista…WAY down south from LA.

That’s cool. I like to travel a lot so I just need the direction to get there from LA or just the address of the mall with will be fine.

You would waste your time going to chula mall, there is no comp there worthy of the trip, golden token on tourny nights however, is a different story.

It’s probably like that but I’m bored playing the same people so I’m just going around playing any good player. I might be going this weekend to FFA though but next weekend I will try to go to Chula Mall…i just need their address.

than golden token is going to be where you want to go…seirously…chula mall would be a waste of gas for you, and you will cry.

lol alright then…I trust you. thanks though. You guys should come here then.

The chula mall i do agree it sucks but for some people that is the only choice for me example i can go to nickle city on golden token like twice a month but yeah it sucks but i still go trying to improve my skills and some comp no wait none except dios that is about it markman i play him in tekken there he is good i haven’t beat him yet but it will be cool if people go there once a while :confused:

I’d gladly go to Chula. When does everyone come? Sticks work alright? Is the screen still pink?