Chula Mall Reloaded

Edit : Nvm, time for sleep.

I like that DOom on Crack

Smoke da BlUnt

Ill be there from like 3 to 5.

Im going for a bit today around 3

hey sodasic it was some good matches even dough i got my ass kick but i will try to clean my nam like i said so, there is this fuking annoying guy in there he always wears a bennie and he thinks he kicks some ass all he does is with ironman jump smart bomb and assist but i don’t give a fuck he still looses alot but if people would come here and show him what really combos look like ill be thankful

i played that sorry foo when i went on friday, shit was sad, lost 8 times in a row, then left, no skill whatsoever.

Hey Tso, Dios and I were talking about going with like a couple of more people and just taking over the machine. :badboy: We’ll see whats up.

i MIGHT go there from 2 or 3 to 5 to play some marvel, not sure, ill post tomorrow to see if im going for sure.

hey soda please do, u will bring more people there and that will be cool and even dough i will get my ass kick it will be fun, hey me and samson my pal r going to golden token tusday see if u r going. Dios dude im going 2 gt like i said hopefully c u r there dudes!! and 2 chula on thursday thru sunday, i go only when i work, right before work

I think i know who youre talking about. is he some skinny dude? when i saw him, his beanie was a tan color (at least from what i remember)


what time is there usually a good crowd at chula tilt for marvel?

it varies from time 2 time but last night i messed up this guy in 45" seconds flat,and he thinks he’s good

I stop going to chula it sucks ass but that is the only place i go because that is the only one close i have and i always play the same two guys the suck ass they think they are the shit and it is boring beating him 17 time in a row and leting him beat me that last time because i have to go to work chula mall honestly it really sucks but ill try to go this friday c what happens who ever wants to go ill be there post-out

Chula mall :lame:

Go this Saturday to Gt Marcos. Tourney at 3:30

Dude i have to work i really wish i could me and samson but i work and i can’t ask for the day of, i could if i asked a week early but its tomorrow thnx dough but if any tourney come up again tell me send me a private and ill ask for the day and go, sam and i will be at chula tomorrow me between 2 and 5 and sam will be there at 3 thnx for the info

I went last night like around 9 or something.

Sticks are OK, but not great. Too long and loose. Buttons are OK as well. Hard to get 2p in for some reason, making for c.lp when you’re trying to wavedash, or a sj.lp when you try to tri jump.

Luckily I was using Sent.

The arcade is nice and big. They just gotta do a better job of taking care of their games.

i agree, and the joysticks close way 2 close i cant play without the other player hiting my hand and the space sucks the screen color bad but i think this machine is better than bonitas not counting color but overall this place is ok wait no it sucks

And saturday night i play the famous fernando i got my ass handed to me and i waisted my lunch money trying to kick his ass but mission not acomplish, good player, really good player i wish more people go so we could c all the drama and pain @ chula good game fernando

I own fernando for free! LOL jk. Sup fernando nuts.