Chump Change BRAWL in Brooklyn 9/12 cheap ass venue

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We’re looking to have a dope Brawl tournament in a basement in Brooklyn. For the first tournament we will have 3 tv’s running brawl. If all goes well we’ll have more tvs and hopefully more games.
Hopefully we’ll be selling cheap refreshments

Here’s how it works.
Try to arrive at 2:00. We’ll have some leniency but if you come early we’ll have casual matches.

8124 14th avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11228
By Train
The D stops at 79th street and new Utrecht avenue. If you are looking towards 82nd street from 79th street take a right turn.
By Bus
The B64 stops at 14th avenue and 86 street, the B1 stops at 13th avenue and 82nd.
Contact at 1347-424-0721

If your facing the stoop, go around the right there’s a side door knock hard or call. We should be chilling around there before the tournament anyway.

Double elimination bracket.

Losers and winners finals are 2/3 matches Grand finals are 2 sets of 2/3 matches.


$7.50 tournament entry fee/ $2.50 house fee

The tournament fee’s will be split amongst the top 3
1st place gets 70%
2nd gets 20%
3rd gets 10%

Here are the rules
3 stock 8 minutes
Blind select (one person tells the judge who their character is and then the other person picks. No one can counter pick characters this way)
Stages- Final Destination, Battlefield, Frigate Opheon, Yoshi’s island, and Lylat Cruise. If you and your opponent can agree on a map before hand then you don’t need to pick random stage.
Bringing your own controller is recommended but we will likely have 4 gamecube controllers and some wii motes floating around.

Edit- No food or drink please we will be selling stuff for cheap and there are some stores around us.

looking forward to this event…you def. know how to run an event :slight_smile: