Chump Change Brawl tournament in Brooklyn


Saturday, September 12, 2009

We’re looking to have a dope Brawl tournament in a basement in Brooklyn. For the first tournament we will have 3 tv’s running brawl. If all goes well we’ll have more tvs and hopefully more games.
Hopefully we’ll be selling cheap refreshments

Here’s how it works.
Try to arrive at 2:00. We’ll have some leniency but if you come early we’ll have casual matches.

8124 14th avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11228
By Train
The D stops at 79th street and new Utrecht avenue. If you are looking towards 82nd street from 79th street take a right turn.
By Bus
The B64 stops at 14th avenue and 86 street, the B1 stops at 13th avenue and 82nd.
Contact at 1347-424-0721

If your facing the stoop, go around the right there’s a side door knock hard or call. We should be chilling around there before the tournament anyway.

Double elimination bracket.

Losers and winners finals are 2/3 matches Grand finals are 2 sets of 2/3 matches.


$7.50 tournament entry fee/ $2.50 house fee

The tournament fee’s will be split amongst the top 3
1st place gets 70%
2nd gets 20%
3rd gets 10%

Here are the rules
3 stock 8 minutes
Blind select (one person tells the judge who their character is and then the other person picks. No one can counter pick characters this way)
Stages- Final Destination, Battlefield, Frigate Opheon, Yoshi’s island, and Lylat Cruise. If you and your opponent can agree on a map before hand then you don’t need to pick random stage.
Bringing your own controller is recommended but we will likely have 4 gamecube controllers and some wii motes floating around.

Edit- No food or drink please we will be selling stuff for cheap and there are some stores around us.


Your rules needs work and needs to be more organized.


I just took out Skyworld after realizing it should be banned. Anything else you think should be changed?


We got a nice amount of entries on Facebook so the tournament is definitely running. I wanna see a nice mix of old and friends and new friends that’s why it’s such a cheap venue no regrets!


Go to SWF if you want the rules. As a alternative, you can host All-Brawl as well so you have options to how you wanna run it. It’s up to you, experiment, it’s your venue. Or you can run both, that would be so kickass :chat:.

But yeah, if your running a no item tourney, you’ll find the normal rules at :smile:.


I looked at those rules before I made these rules, I think it’s needlessly complicated. What’s all brawl? If this goes well I’ll move one to other things possibly Melee possibly “All Brawl”. Is that just an anything goes nothings banned tournament?


Yeah, it’s something like that. Go here for the All-Brawl ruleset:

If you’re looking for something not complicated, give this one a try if you want.


Oh wow that’s cool, I guess the short time limit defeats a lot of cheap tactics. I don’t think I could do a quick all is Brawl for this tournament. But if we do another tourny I’m going to try and do both and a Melee 2vs2. That’s pretty interesting, thanks for posting.


No problem. I’m kinda curious to how All-Brawl could work in a 2v2, I only saw it for singles which works wonderfully.