Chun and Ken

My friend insists that Chun is better than Ken just cause of her fierce and SA2. Doesn’t the top-tiers go like this? Ken, Yun, Chun?

uh no more like, Yun, Chun, Ken. some people might put Chun in front of Yun but ken is mos def third.

Yun, Chun, Ken is how the tiers go. But tier lists are kinda-subjective.

Like my tier lists has Sean near the top.

no they go like this rock, paper, scissors

Yeah, generally it’s Yun, Chun, Ken.
Mainly because Chun’ is so brain-dead easy to use, and has a host of abusable crap.

It’s not just her fierce and SAII.
There’s stuff like her retarded throw range, her standing HK, her jumping FP, her crouching MK obviously, her EX spinning bird kick on wake-up, her wall-jump, her forward MK for footsies, etc.

Ken, Yun, Chun

this is true tech saying

walk up kara throw > you

chun, ken, yun…

chuns and kens seems to always be the character of choice in tourneys… or place high in tourneys…

Yun owns Chun.

And hes certainly more dangerous than Ken. 1 hit = 80% life. mess up? run away and about 7-8 seconds later you can try again…

Ken is damn good, so is Chun, but they arent THAT good.


I think that’s just because Chun and Ken are so much easier to learn.

Makoto is up there, even if only the japanese and my self agree to that.


There were no Kens in top 8 at Evo. But I guess that could be attributed to the absence of Japanese Ken players that attended.

I’m not sure how to order the top 3 but in terms of versatility, overall completeness, and lack of really bad matchups, I think Ken is the best in the game. Yeah, Chun gives him a hard time, but (in theory) who else does? In the end I don’t really think it makes sense to take the 3 best and actually bother ordering them. There are too many extraneous factors in 3S that make dividing the characters any further pointless. The tiers we have now are as detailed as we’ll ever need to know, in my opinion. In fact I probably shouldn’t have even said that Ken is the best.

Knowing the matchups for your preferred characters would be a lot more worthwhile.

Well, it’s mainly the fact that once Geneii Jin is on, the other person is pretty much screwed.
It’s constant guaranteed damage, and that’s why Yun is so deadly.
With Ken and Chun, at least the other person has a chance of getting in, but Yun will just keep barraging you with GJ combos.

I’d say Chun is better than Ken for the reasons stated above.

Im gonna have to agree with this guy. I dunno why you guys even bother with it. They are all good, it depends on the player. Some people say Yun is better for who knows why…I mean you guys think that GJ is like the best thing since sliced bread or something. Yun doesn’t really have too much of a game other then all out attacks and rushdown (which is extremly predictable btw), so when you got a good Yun its not a difficult thing to play Ken against it, you just gotta play it cool and when you got the Yun player in a bad spot, just pull out the executions and you win at that point. Chun however sucks against Yun, you’ll get owned easy if you play Chun.

Chun isn’t all that you guys hype it up to be either. Chun is simply easy to play and win, so it seems like shes the best, but when you play toe to toe with her its easy to predict everything with proper experiance. Even her throwing game becomes easy to avoid and punish with Ken. Again, Ken players just need to really get the execution when you find the openings and mistakes.

Ken is the overall most balanced character in the game. Thats why I can easily pick him. If you play a good Ken mixup game, you’ll do decent all the time.

You guys dont even include Makoto which is stupid. With the right game plan, you get a a few good hits and/or combos off and when you stun em, then its pretty much game at that point. Makoto has some good counters, and even counters to counters. Makoto’s only weakness is the overhead hits, in my opinion.

Anyway, they are ALL strong, but I think Ken is the most balanced and I know alot of other people agree with me.


This isn’t based on how the top 3 do agains each other though.
Of the 3, Yun is the one that destroys the rest of the roster in the most brutal fashion.

Besides 12 and Ibuki who have bad match ups against Ken, Yun ruins most of the mid-lower tier. A lot of characters just don’t have any kind of way of effectively dealing with Geneii Jin. Ken, Makoto and Urien are honestly the only characters who come to mind.

You say all Yun has is rush-down, but that’s all he really needs.

I’d say Chun has the easiest matchups against the rest of the roster, actually. She beats almost all the mid/low characters for free. Yun is the best because he can beat the characters that matter the most in tournaments.

Yun is the best.

Chun is the easiest.

Ken is the most balanced.