Chun at SVB 20-X

So, we mentioned it briefly in the main Fellowship thread, but since this would be my first big tournament I thought it would be cool to meet some other Chun players and stuff during SVB, and so I thought we could keep tabs on things in this thread.

Luckily for me, I live in London, so I’m all set. Just take a train from outside my house and i can probably be at the venue in about 30mins.

As for my Chun, right now I’ve getting all the rust off, haven’t really played SSFIV probably for at least a month (though sometimes a break is a good thing!). The sucky part is my stick began acting up yesterday, so I’m a little worried about that!

How’s everyone else’s preparations and accomodations coming along?

Hey dude, I’ ll be in SVB too, although I haven’t played SF in a long while.
I haven’t even prepared for the tourney but I am in London these days for some interviews and I thought that it would be a good chance to go to SVB and play even for fun.
I main Chun in all SF games and I guess that it would be fun to play and have a chat with other fellow Chun players.
I 'll see you there hopefully, now I live in Westminster, near St. James’s Park and I hope that it won’t be THAT far away until I get to Harrow :).

chef you taking part in the team tourny as well?
im living in london to but im way on the other side should take me a good hour to get there, as for your stick theres loads of people giving spares to the neo empire team so if u need one to borrow it shouldnt be a problem
tbh im looking forward to marvel 3 alot aswell

p.s when you get to harrow look down the high street first ,its not fun being hungry then spending 45 mins trying to find someplace that serves food

Ahh, well I don’t really know that many players to be honest, so haven’t signed up for any team stuff just yet…

But thanks for that food tip. I was planning on filling up with a decent breakfast first then heading up with a bag full of bananas or something, but maybe a KFC or something would do better!