Chun being pressured/getting back on offense (esp vs shotos)

Sorry I’m new as a chun player. I’m having a lot of difficulty dealing with offensive pressure from players, especially shoto types such as ken/sagat. I end up being on the defensive end a lot and eat a bunch of jump-ins/overhead attacks that lead to combos. Lots of times I can’t figure out how to get out of it, even after using EX sbk (only works a few times before they see through it…)

Anyone have some tips on how to get out of trapped/defensive situations and back on the offense? Does dash-back/wall jump work effectively? How about stopping jump-in attacks?

Also, when back on the offense via throw/knockdown, what would be an effective meaties against shotos (i.e. Ken/Sagat with quick reversals)? Or is it better just to bait?

Well. A good suggestion to deal with offensive pressure is to learn how to defend. Especially because exsbk can get beat by a lot of stuff. And if you’re defense is good you’ll eventually find a hole in your opponents attacks, either that or you’ll just read their entire offensive pattern, which if you do you can counter.

Chun’s AA’s are character/situation specific. So there is no real way to explain them. But to start off, against ryu/ken you can AA them with c.strong when they jump about mid screen. Other AA’s are df.short, s.fierce. nj.roundhouse, airthrow, c.roundhouse. ect. But like I said, you have to figure out which work best for certain characters/situations.

Uhm, lastly, if you get a forward throw you can always set up a safe jump by dashing forward and jumping w/short. But I think there are ways to counter this.

Thanks for the tips. Will definitely try the cr. strong p. I’ve actually tried the dash fwd jump in short, but i keep getting hit with srk’s. maybe it’s a spacing thing? Also i try to meaty with a cr heavy kick but i get punished a lot for doing that. Any other methods of meaty against srk characters?

Also, when i get trapped in the corner via a fireball, i try to wall jump out but end up getting srk’d, should I try to hasanshu instead? As for general defense I guess i just have to get better at my guessing game. When i do see an opening i try to throw/cr heavy k/or ex leg. Any other suggestions for a good, fast, relatively safe attack upon an opening?

use your backdash when they are applying pressure for better positioning for pokes or kikokens
when u get a knock down start the df.roundhouse crossup games. like df.roundhouse tick grab, or if you know they are teching do df.rh hasunshu
also do neutral jump.rh so it makes them think twice about jumping in and moving forward.

i barely use normals for AA’s bc im always staying out of range. i usually air to air people out of the sky with jumping fierces with a follow up, or just neutral jump.rh
sometimes when im corner trapped and they are advancing i just neutral jump.rh to hasunshu or sweep, or i would just block their string and look for a EX SBK opportunity.

u gotta do kikokens to see how they react, if they are a hadoken spammer then u look for an opportunity to jump over hadoken and go for a combo. if they jump over youre kikokens then u should be thinkin about air to airing them or ground AA normals.

if u want to make a shoto back up then you should start lookin hostile as hell, like yo wussup what u wanna do mofo?? < > < > < > dash dash, c.rh, s.hp,, kikoken
dont look passive, like ohh plz dont hurt me, backing up all the time.

Against GOOD players, df+RH will get punished for free so this needs to be carefully executed. Plus the whole tick grab setup after RH is more of an online shenanigan that I wouldn’t be encouraging to abuse a lot either.

I am just curious… how are your managing to achieve your victories if you’re staying “out of range”? Chun’s metagame is all about pokes which has been extensively documented by several players here on the boards. If you’re not incorporating several of her normals, then you’re doing a disservice to yourself and greatly limiting your options to establish momentum. Based on what you’ve described above, it sounds like you’re just hugging the corners and blocking 24/7.

He shouldn’t be jumping in against good Shotos… unless he’s achieving knockdowns and going for safe jump.

Recommended course of action is to use Focus to absorb a few projectiles, neutral jump the rest. If they’re “spamming”, it should be relatively easy to punish with mk/hk hasan. I often use lk version to go over most fbs since this doesn’t sacrifice my position, which they’re eagerly hoping you’ll do by advancing from the air. If you’re confident with FAs, learn to anticipate projectiles, focus absorb them, then dash in for a throw (good) or BNB combo (better).

You want to give the opponent a certain degree of respect, so ensure that your purpose of advancing is generally done on reaction; randomness will only get you so far.

What safe jump do you use vs shotos? Anything I try to stick out gets hit by delayed/reversal SRK. I’ve only managed to be able to do forward throw, walk forward a bit and jumping roundhouse to stuff Ryu’s SRK or go completely over it, but the timing and positioning is very strict. I’ve also tried forward throw dash move forward a bit then jumping crossup short, but auto correct SRK beats this I believe.

Unless someone can prove the contrary, no. When they start the shoryuken animation, you are still on the other side, and you cross them up after. You are too high to be hit by the hitbox and you stuff it clean. They can’t delay it because they will get hit before the animation begins.

For me forward trhow dash up works consistently against Ken but not against Ryu. Ryu can stuff it consistently if he knows what he is doing, if it works for you against Ryu, it’s because they suck.

I guess the first thing I would suggest is post in strategies and matchups thread to keep the forums tiddy ;D

In your situation what I would suggest to start by not taking what you see online as the gold standard of what this game is really about. For one thing Ken is nearly and inexplicably unstoppable when he jumps in online. Yet if you go into training mode and get ken to jump in, you have all day to anti air him. Don’t take my word for it try it out. df+lk with anti airs just about everyone and puts you in the position to lay some hurt on. In terms of ground pressure ways that Ken can pressure are different that ways that Sagat can pressure on the ground and your options as to how to counter that pressure changes too. It sounds like your gettings jumped in on all day. Get used to the online flowcharts jumping in ad nauseum. On offense you can use the forward throw dash forward jump and do a meaty It catches alot of people off gaurd cause they think they can dp everything…

Learn to use your normals against jump-ins. s.FP is a good one versus shotos, and s.MK is underrated, especially the close medium high-kick. Jumping straight up and doing n.HK (split-kick) is a good way to get the advantage back on a jump-in too. You can also go Ultra2. Throw that against a jump-in and they won’t do it again when you have ultra.