Chun glitch dc only?

Its happend a hand full of times already and i can never mimick it in training mode. Ill sweep with ken and at the same time chun will dash at me. Im not 100% sure on the range but I was always go for toe sweeps. Probably no less than kens ankle for the range. The sweep wont hit her but will put her on the other side of ken magically. It happens in the blink of an eye and will probably make your neck snap. So this means ken is sweeping the wrong way and chun has his back for free. I’d say its happened about 5 times at least.

Sometimes I will hit her while she is dashing at me so it doesnt happen all the time. I think ken has to sweep when chuns feet leave the ground during her dash. I guess kens sweep changes his hit box and chuns dash flies over him? I’ve seen chun get fp srk against ken and she didnt leave the ground because her crouch broken. Is crouching buggy in 3s?

I’ve seen the same scenario on vids where ken will sweep almost at the same time chun dashes and ive never seen her switch sides. Im guessing this is probably a dc only bug. I play the ps2 version often and ive never seen this glitch before. can anyone confirm this or explain it?

I seem to remember hearing that Chun’s dash has a frame of invincibility in it, so if you time it so that you get that frame just before Ken’s hitbox is the furthest forward it gets during that move animation, then you could switch sides. I don’t think this is new, nor DC-only.

Several characters have weird frames in their dashes (and some attacks) where they magically blip out of existence for a second. Off the top of my head, Makoto’s rush punch (qcf/236+p) totally teleports sometimes, someone showed it in a vid a while back (sorry, can’t remember whom. Think it was C-royd?). Two Makotos doing rush punches over and over and going through each other.

In short, 3s is craziness.


so that explains how me (dudley) dashed through my friend’s (ken) torward+rh?
I was wondering how that happened… midscreen too.

I was just gonna bring that up, the Chun thing never occured on me.

But the Dudley one had, it went through my sweep, and alotta other stuff that he shouldn’t go through.