Chun -> Headstomping Wakeup SRKs?

I’ve known about this since forever, but only the past couple months started trying to do it. (never felt the need for it, Still don’t feel the need for it, but it’s nice to have in my arsenal if I ever feel I need it)

But because of that I have a few questions… Is there some potential about this that I’m not seeing? Is it actually better than other options? (waiting then punishing)

What should I be following up with after I stuff a shoryuken? The few times I manage to pull this off I’m floating around in the air just waiting to get hit.

How is this actually done? I’ve recall only seeing 2 videos, But I don’t remember which matches they are. I’ve had SOME luck sometimes neutral jumping beside them, and the side of her hitbox will stuff them, but it’s pretty inconsistent.

How far away from the screen do I have to be? It seems like I always whiff (because i’m not standing at the right distance) Or It’s too slow as a makeshift instant overhead and can be reacted to easily.

It’s not just for srk. Basically if you crouch next to your opponent and whiff some low forwards before you do this, they might have a tendency of blocking low and your headstomp will be an instant overhead.

Of course it’s useful. Any additional tools in your arsenal for mix up games are good to have.

But like you said, the use is very situational and best use for surprise attack (they never see you doing this for the set).

Otochun just used it once (on stream anyway) during the beast cup 2 that happened 2 days ago.

[BTW, you should probably post this in the chun thread]

It is good because it is very hard to defend against it. If you do it deep enough, it will hit crouching characters, so it is one of the few “instant overheads” from the game. It is very strong in the following 2 scenarios:
[]the enemy is about to die;
]the enemy is about to get dizzied.
[/LIST]It covers the following four actions:
[]reversal throw;
]crouch block;
[]reversal SRK;
]reversal tatsu.
Pretty much, the only thing the shotos can do about it is to guess right, stand and block. It can also be done after a meaty jab kikouken (walk up like you would for a throw), cross-up aerial attack or neckbreaker.

So how do I go about pulling this off? If I jump at close range, chun is too high and the headstomp whiffs, If I do it from far, It’s too easy to react to.

And the neutral jump is not consistent, And the videos I remember seeing don’t look like their neutral jumping (It’s really fast, and me doing it by neutral jump is slow, and doesn’t bounce back)

and again, any followups after I land it? cuz after the bounce I feel like a sitting duck waiting to get hit. (and usually do)
(feel free to ignore this one, as you already said it’s situational and I figured as much anyway, but I’ve included it just in case someone has an answer…)

You can safely use it when they are in the corner, because it will send you bouncing away from them. Also, after a really tight cross up anything you do will come out backwards, including your neutral jump, so you can do a backwards instant overhead and it will send you flying away from your opponent, instead of over them. You’ll still be facing backwards, though.