Chun in the corner

Lets say you have chunli in the corner and there is an aegis reflector in front of her. She’s obviously going to wall jump out of there.

Is there anything Urien can do to stop her? :sweat:

what you’re saying is too vague.

place your mirror better.
toss a HP sphere
quit playing

She can jump so high and at such a weird angle though

[media=youtube]G4pOXqnWuIA[/media] at around 4:16 it happens.

[media=youtube]Q_MVEWQFEYQ[/media] again at 48 seconds in

[media=youtube]XjK–_H802o[/media] 1:57

It all depends on the positioning. Placing it dead in the corner really leaves with her no option. But obviously if your pretty near the corner, say, 1/4 screen away like RX was in the second match there, before the aegis fully forms the bitch can get away. You can try and leave out aegis setups unless you know its gonna nail her in the corner. I would advise getting that sphere cancel down against her as this limits her movement even if she wants to attempt to jump, she can’t. Anyway, if she does manage to, try what Fugo said. Dash back roundhouse, jumping strong will usually trade with whatever she sticks out in the air, or a hp sphere might help.

f+MP or st. HK if you’re close to Chun-Li
If you’re not too close, HP Sphere misses a lot because she jumps over that; so you can dash bak and do st. HK like Ramza said, or you can try lp --> mp (–> sphere) which disturbs their timing etc. and hopefully the MP will connect and send her into the Aegis

how about dash up knee drop if the bitch dont parry knock down towards aegis btu the sphere is usually the best option or instead bait the bitch into thinking an aegis is coming but then do an ex aegis as tokido did against justin an then just juggle away

kneedrop seems dangerous, because theyre so easy to parry, and ex aegis wont work against wall jumps, in that video she tried to straight up superjump out. But then again ive never tried it…

dashback rh sounds cool

She can get out similar to akuma teleporting out(a bit of a stretch but…), i bet its possible to meet her midscreen and get a crouching fierce. I remember seeing j-cole do it in a video.

dash headbutt works iirc ack did that to ricky or justin whenever she tried to wall jump out of aegis

edit: after watching your vids, the only way to really stop it, is to already be set up for it mp fireball seems to be the best option though it is easily parried

watch it with the hp sphere tho. without the forward pressure from an lp sphere she can just dash straight through the mirror as its still coming out.

I can only follow what everyone else said dude. usually i just wait to catch her with s.rh or a hp sphere and you coud probably catch her with a cr.hp also.