Chun is vital for winning SBO!



I don’t know if people have noticed but the two badasses of SBO (Daigo and Mago) have both teamed up with Chuns (Nuki and Nemo).

Makes ya think…

I know everyone in the US wants to trade up for other characters but we need to keep her respectable in the states.

The Chun love deserves its own thread! :lovin::lovin::lovin:


That’s great and all GoofyhanD, but neither Daigo and Nuki or Mago and Nemo won SBO. :sad:


i think the reason why they both chose chuns as partners, is because of chuns evenness against most of the cast, combined with the fact that those 2 are the best chuns in the world which on paper = advantage versus most players.

if mago and nemo had have gotten past the semis they would have had an advantage match versus shiro and iyo.

but nuki got taken out by a honda…

honda needs to seriously go up in the rankings… i’ve been screaming this for a long time now:

cr.lp xx hp hands really is THAT GOOD.



I tend to ignore the rankings for the most part. Unless the matchup is 7-3 or worse, it doesn’t really matter IMO.


Results, in case anyone’s interested.


Japan doesn’t know the power of boxer

and America doesn’t know the power of chun


I know, but to think that prior to SBO, two of the most well known players in Japan thought that it was best for them to partner up with a Chun Li to give them the best opportunity to win. I don’t know about you but that gets me moist.

That is all this was about.

I do agree with Dime that Honda should be higher in the charts. And to the same degree, I don’t wanna toot my own horn or anything but I knew that Rufus would be top tier within the first hour of me playing the game (but I have no evidence of this). My epeen is HUGE!!! :wow:

Just dropping in and paying respects to my fellow Chunners. We seem to be dying off…


Well said. :tup:


I think they just wanted to be able to watch a sexy character play when they got beat.




well i believe daigo teamed up with Nuki because they are good friends?


Yeah, they’ve been friends and rivals since they were atleast teenagers so I’d assume that’s why.
Either way, Chun needs more love.


I don’t think we are dying off. I see a lot more Chun online… it’s crazy. And I’ve seen very recent JWong Chun vids , right before SBO. I wonder what he is thinking about Chun.


Everybody except a few players are thinking this:
“How good is Chun really?”

The other few players are thinking this:
“How far will I be able to push Chun’s limits?”

I’m trying to be one of those few players.


i know ill never give chun up well as far as street fighter is concerned


I’ll never give up Chun anytime. She’s even on my damn phone!


That was awesome haha.


as one of the few east coast chun’s. im puttin in whatever i gotta to make her respectable. too much sagat, rufus, akuma domination goin on around here