Chun-Li Advanced

I created this thread because I believe that the other Chun-Li thread is very outdated as the game has evolved much further then what that thread has to offer.

So I spoke with a few other respectable Chun-Li players and they agreed and came to the conclusion that Chun-Li definetely isn’t the same as when 3s wasn’t played as much as it is today. Alot of characters have changed strategies due to the evolution of the game itself, and I want to go into a depth study of Chun-li to improve my game, and also for an english class in college. Knowledge is fun, it’s about as fun as a research paper.

There arn’t many chun-li’s in America, because she isn’t someone you can pick up in one day and expect to dominate as most of the highest level chun-li players do. It’s a difficult road, but also the most rewarding (end hook paragraph :p). Let all the chun-li players unite and learn together!

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions as I’ll try my best to answer it to the best of my ability, and I can try to get other experienced chun players to post here too. I’ll try to update this post as much as I can since I’m at school and have a few hours a day to go online. Thanks.


close RH Kara-throw

One thing I’d like to discuss is the close RH karathrow on wakeup. I’m not totally sure what the properties of this amazing throw is, but it’s extremely good from the perfect distance of the opponent when your waking up. Throw frames + closeRH frame = ???. Maybe Fubarduck can explain this throw? When MOV came to EVO2k5, he tried to explain it to me in some very insane engrish, and I just nodded, having no clue. :confused:

Walking kara-throws (karathrow is neutral mk -> lp+lk)

Really important trick that needs to be learned, and very difficult to master, as whiffing a kara-throw leads to some major punishment. Here are some really good walking tick-throw setups that I know of:

walk-up, walking kara

The obvious danger of this, is that the opponent can be hit with the famous, -> super, so poke accordingly based on their playstyle.

s.lp, c.lp, walking kara

Really good if you have the opportunity to land the first 2 lp’s, also can be subbed with a c.lp, walk a bit up and c.lp, then walking kara. Rarely gets tech thrown.

close, wait a brief second,, walking kara

The point of this tick throw is to stop anything they were going to do after the mk, as most players will try to jump away, move back, move forward, or whatever. They will become in a small “shock state” after the connects with them, which then you’ll have a good attempt to get a karathrow off.

Some really good Yun strategy:

Yun always likes to stay in the air as his ground game renders him useless against chun, so there’s some quick things you should know, and you should be able to make ease of the match.

Don’t be afraid to parry every divekick! You can HK him afterwards and put him in the state NO yun likes to be in, the air recovery against chun is really scary because she has 2 options from here: THROW or… or even more advanced,,, since any smart Yun will want to get off the ground as soon as they land, they’ll eat the trying to get away.

If your hit with a divekick, Yun has 2 options which is to take off into the air again, or parry/attack… Just press RH after the divekick, your in a win-win situation, even with the tradeoff of a divekick-closeRH, the most he can do is parry, which is the least thing he’d do, and don’t forget you can cancel the RH into a jump-back. The RH covers so much area that it’d almost be a bad idea for yun to even try that. Watch Nuki play any yuns ( and he uses this strategy that totally kills yuns without trouble.

Now yun’s will want to build bar, so they will run, and try to consume space with empty divekicks that are somewhat near you. If you have good reactions, then throw out a s.HP! the trade always will favor you, as Yun has no life, and will scare him enough so he won’t be doing it much, and don’t forget about the air recovery afterwards, which means trouble for them.

The best poke in the world, and why:

I refer to Nuki alot because of his style of Chun-Li is really why he is argueably the best 3s Player in the world. Most smart players will try to jump away from chun-li because they do not like being grounded next to a chun-li that has the option to throw you from across the screen :clap: , so with the poke of, s.hp, it hits them when they try to do various things. The c.hp is not too fast, not is it too slow, which is why it’s ideal for a follow-up from the It carries itself at the right speed which hits players when they try to retaliate, and most importantly, try to jump. Now I’m not saying do this just because, it can also be easily parried. Take into consideration that most players won’t try to parry against a chun-li, and for the ones that do, they try to parry her when she doesn’t have a meter in stock. Do it sparingly and intelligently.

clappity clap

One other thing I’ve noticed Nuki doing a lot in the ranbats is he’ll mash on when he gets hit by certain normals.

For example, if he gets hit by a from Ken he’ll mash on (I’m not sure if he mashes on or just presses it at the right time). So if Ken tried to go for a throw after the, he’ll probably get hit by the unless he parries it. But again, a super jump cancel is always possible as popo187 said before.

If the was done close, Chunli will do a close If the was done from the furthest distance or if Ken did and then dashed back, Chunli will do a far Personally, I prefer the close because it comes out really fast, covers a lot of area, and has priority. I’m not too sure about how much priority it has though.

I suggest using this strategy only when you get hit during a game and not to deliberately get hit.

I think Nuki only uses this strategy when he gets hit by the normal and not when he blocks it, which totally makes sense to me.

I think this strategy is really good because since you’ve already gotten hit by the opponent’s normal, mashing on should not make much of a difference in most situations. I think this strategy counters a lot of tick setups (where the first tick hit of course).

I’m still just starting and trying to incorporate this strategy into my game as well so I’m not sure of which normals to mash on after getting hit by them (except for Ken’s

Oh btw, I totally agree with popo187 when he says that this forum is outdated and I thank him for putting time into sharing his more advanced strategies here and not just some stupid “just keep on doing back+hp” strategies like many ppl on SRK do.

Thanks popo for making this thread and sharing some valuable info, I totally agree with lots of things you said, especially parrying all of Yun’s divekick, but when a good Yun mixes it up with the short version, Chun can be thrown easily unless your reaction time is good. Also when Chun gets knock down, the cross-up dive kick is very annoying for me, should I even parry this dive kick because you can’t retaliate with s.rh, it will hit air.

Another question is when Yun parries your s.rh, do you have enough time to jump back, I keep getting hit by his standing jab which leads to genei-jin.

Also I hate fighting Chun against Chun, but that seems like an impossible match to avoid in any tournament, so what’s the strategy here. Right now all I am doing is, towards mk and sometimes back fierce, see who gets meter first and lands it, is there any other thing I can do? Mostly we just trade until one of us gets lucky and gets a clean hit, then super and repeat the process, it’s the most boring fight ever!!!

Great thread and let’s discuss 3S some more.

This link didn’t work, at least not for me (my computer=POS)

Great thread, Im up for talking Chun strategy any time, except now, when I have a massive , school induced headache:lol:.

Again, great, job, some good info so far:tup:

The Chun vs Chun match is definatly somthing I need help with.

here’s a corner mixup i use against unsuspecting 12/necro/urien/alex/dudley (cant remember if it works on hugo) players

sa2 to corner, or d.hp, land, pause, sj uf… the looks really deceptive as its active frames last for the whole jump. you land just as they are getting up… on the other side. perfect position for xx super or if you have no meter, buffer lightning legs. doesn’t work if they tech roll, but stomp is pretty safe anyway.

i play a lot of my chun differently (read- risky) i think because i’m a marvel player, so i enjoy flashyness/mixups/resets, tho this way isnt the “traditional” advanced way to play chun. but if people are interested i will post


Chunli vs Chunli

I have problems with this matchup too because there’s not many Chunli’s around in my area.

I’ll talk about some of the strategies I use during the gameplay where both Chunli’s have at least one meter stocked.

Zoning Game

One part of the Chunli vs Chunli matchup is to see who has a better zoning game. The one with the better zoning game usually lands the first or more c.mks and other attacks before the other Chunli does.

Although I do have troubles myself, one strategy that I do find useful is space your Chunli with the other Chunli so that yours is just a bit outside their range and do a first As long as you don’t get predictable about when you do this first, it is really hard for the other Chunli to counter this first with their own since its so fast. So after you do your first, some Chunlis will try to punish this with their own (but obviously theirs is slower so it’ll whiff). At this point right after your first, immediately do another to catch the whiffed that the other Chunli did. This strategy basically only works if you see that the other Chunli is trying to counter your with their own

I think a lot of the Chunli vs Chunli matchup is about being able to predict when the other Chunli is going to do their and counter with your own But this is very hard due to the quickness of the attack. What I do is I predict when they’re going to do their and I do mines right away. Due to the reaction time I have and when i press the button and such, mines will come out just a bit later than theirs and sometimes will hit them. Another strategy I try is to see when the other Chunli ducks (goes from standing to crouching). This is a good sign that they’re going to do a and I press my at that point as well. I do feel that the fishing game is a lot about mind games. For example, if the other Chunli knew that I knew I was going to counter their then he might do a then immediately do a to counter mines. Or he could even duck down, wait a split second, then counter my

Another thing I’ve noticed a lot of Chunli’s doing is they’ll do a lot of kara UOH when they are too far to throw and their’s are not hitting. UOH are pretty fast and if you’re concentrating on blocking the other Chunli’s, its hard to react to the UOH fast enough sometimes unless its been done to you a few times. However, one thing that can be done is when you see the UOH, hit Your reaction time for when you see the UOH and when you hit the does not have to be too fast as well. I mean, worst case is you’ll get hit by the UOH (which you probably will have gotten hit by anyway), but on the other hand either you’ll trade your with their UOH and score a knockdown or you’ll just hit them clean. Counter their UOH a few times and you don’t have to be worried about blocking high against the other Chunli for awhile (but really all you’re scared about is if they do the UOH into super…which many can’t do due to the distancing and such).

The above strategy with countering the UOH with Chunli’s works against other character’s UOH as well but the faster the character’s UOH like Ken, the faster the reaction time needed.

Sometimes in the game the other Chunli starts walking back and forth, back and forth. Its hard to judge the distance of the s.hp to hit the Chunli when they keep on doing this, but one thing I try to do is when they move back away from your Chunli, I know that they’re going to start walking forward again into my s.hp distance and so I do a s.hp and make them block it.

Throwing & Teching Game

Another part besides the zoning game of the Chunli vs Chunli matchup is also the throwing and teching game.

In a match, I like to see how the other Chunli techs my throws and I act accordingly. They will either tech standing up or blocking low (option select). It is easier to beat those Chunlis that tech standing up than the ones that option select. One easy setup against those that tech standing up is to tick with then walk forward a bit as if you’re going to throw then confirm.

However, I’ve noticed when i play the Chunli vs Chunli matchup, the other Chunli will generally try to tech with the option select (crouching back+lp+lk) rather than standing up because its generally safer. They usually do the option select when the opponent is close and nothing has happened for that split second. One thing I do to counter this is to first score a knockdown then stand just outside their normal throw range. The other Chunli wakes or gets up and I wait a bit, then I parry down confirm. I like to do this just outside their normal throw range because even if they decide to throw you on wakeup you will still be out of range and can still land the confirm. One thing I am trying to do is to tick them with like then to walk forward a bit and do something like or back+hp which will punish their option select. This is really hard since you don’t know when their option select will come out and its not like a whiffed throw which you can punish on reaction.

I know there must be more advanced strategies for the zoning game and I’d appreciate it if other ppl filled me in on part of this.

Thanks for the posts guys, let’s do our best! and sorry for the delay of reply, I’ve been busy :frowning:

The best times to do LLs (lightning legs) is right after a x2 hp after super where they fly into the corner. You have a few options as to how to do it, with the most safest and theoretical ones being after a whiffed f+hk, where you can just basically drum on the hk button. Another one is -> LL’s, and all are safe methods, although the one can have risk of being parried.

As for the LL’s in between blockstun, I find myself doing it randomly too, but I don’t realize why… I guess an instinct or something :confused: . Sorry I couldn’t elaborate more on this.

If you jump right after he parries your s.RH (which must mean your doing it too blatently, because it’s difficult to parry), only the jab should hit you out of the air, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal considering his ground game is nowhere near chun’s.

I’m not too sure on the exact frame data on the time from the parry to the jump, but that’s what I recall. Correct me if I’m wrong.

For chun vs chun matches, alot of bar building goes on, with the essential battle to keep your space on the screen. Zoning is really important because inside the corner, you pretty much have no options whatsoever.

The best thing to do is build bar with, and when your close, you can do a few directions, although my personal playstyle is a bit more aggressive, so I do an occasional “risk” moves in footsie battles such as, s.hp, and strait jumping HK. It’s mostly about the spacing though, so try to keep that in mind, while becoming extra-cautious when the other chun has bar.

Sorry, I linked it wrong, it’s , but they are in the process of changing it to because they are moving locations or something.

Thanks for the post, and please continue posting, we appriciate any information that isn’t in here, I particularly like chun tricks, I know MOV showed me some that I completely forgot about :sad:

Alot of the most practical ones are walking through the characters who do a tech roll in the corner so you can s.HK -> super them (I think it’s the same characters you listed).

I think my post and chuntingche’s (the post on top of this) combined make up most of the chun vs chun matchup. Later on, I want to get into more of the obscure matchups and post tricks and things so I can look back and memorize them when I play against one.


I thought Id throw this out here, this is not an advanced tactic by any means :lol: but it has saved my ass many times, particularly against shotos. jumping forward MP and jumping forward HP are both hit confirmable, quite easily I might add. there isnt really a sure fire way to do set this up, but if you anticipate (key word , and the reason you shouldnt “go for” this hit confirm, as you would cr.MK and back Fierce and whatnot) a fireball, go for it every once and while.

This works best if your opponant is crouching (I believe it works on every crouching character), and it also works on standing characters, but you have to hit deep, especially on Urien (I cant remember if Ive ever gotten this to work on a standing Hugo, I dont think so though).

Again , I DONT recommend going for this constantly, as any half decent opponant will quickly catch on and fake you out, and then hurt you:lol:.

But keep it in mind if the situation presents itself, or if you find yourself using the following moves. Its better to just pass through the fireball with a super of course…But hey the thread is here I just thought Id throw this out there:lol:

Also I had a couple questions. First one being: How to do Chuns air kara throw. I read in an old thread that you kara with j.Fierce, but I cant seem to get it to work. is it j.straight up fierce? j. forward fierce? does it matter?

Also, another kara question. Ive noticed many good Chuns crouching really quick as they kara throw. is this just to try and trick opponants into thinking theyre going to do cr.lp/lk into kara throw? or does it somehow keep you from accidently whiffing the st.MK? I dont have trouble kara throwing without pressing down before doing it, unless Im going for cr.lp/lk first. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

Also I think we should discuss the Chun Li press, I havent seen it mentioned anywhere on SRK , just in Billykanes FAQ on gamefaqs. I incorperated this into my game a while back, maybe 5 or 6 months ago, and have found it very effective , especially when you add kara throws to the mix. I play Chun Li pretty aggressivly to begin with, mixed in with bouts of running away:lol:, and while I know this isnt the smartest way to play her it is a lot of fun :lol: and she can be absolutly overwhelming on the ground so I figure why not attack?

Please discuss and feel free to critisize anything I said, Im constantly seeking to improve, same as Im sure all of you are.:karate:

2 random notes. Most of you probably know this already but for the benefit of those who don’t: Back Fierce stops Uriens VKD cold (he shouldnt be doing this anyway outside of unblockables, but if he does, you can either easily parry or do that. And you and punish a blocked or whiffed(obviously) tackle with an immidiate SA2. Again , Urien shouldnt be doing these things in the first place but people make mistakes, and when they do, capitalize!

There’s a distance where Chun is too close to kara throw with st. MK -because close MK comes out instead- but too far to grab them with a normal throw. Using close HK karathrow allows you to throw them from that distance too, making Chun’s kara/regular throw mixups more difficult to read. There’s also the added bonus of close HK being a very quick move so you rarely get in trouble when messing up the cancel. At first I too thought there was some super secret about this kara cancel but after messing with it a bit more, I think that’s all there is to it.

Empty parry attempt.

Althought, I have seen (and used! :)) what you mentioned as well… a quick little ducking “stutter” as the get up or something, to make then think you’re doing something and hopefully force a brain fart or their part. But conveniently, it also options to a parry, just in case.

Just gonna elaborate more about dealing with UOH. The strategy I posted above about using to counter UOH works wonders on Chunli but much harder to do against other characters with fast UOH like Ken.

The best way to deal with UOH is to actually just block it. Normally UOH are not that scary unless it is like a UOH into a super or something else. What is scary is what the opponent does after doing the UOH (like throw or attack). Once blocked, you can do a couple of things depending on the distance which the opponent lands.

If they land really close to you or fairly close (meaning you blocked the UOH with the upperpart of Chunli’s body) then you can do a quick s.lp, c.lp, confirm into super. Another thing you could do is do a close (you can confirm into super if you want). I’m not sure about the s.lp, c.lp one but I think Ken’s can SRK you if you do the but I believe this is still a great thing to do against UOH’s. You can even do this when you get hit by the UOH but it will be easier for Ken’s to SRK you though. If they chose to throw you or use a normal attack to attack you after the UOH then your s.lp, c.lp should fair well since its so fast.

If they land pretty far away from you that means you blocked the UOH with the lowerpart of Chunli’s body and you should be ok at that distance.

For the Chunli vs Chunli matchup, if you land a super and don’t know what mixup you should do after the super (like sj.hp, sj.hp) then just do sj.down+mk, sj.lp, LL(hk) when you land. I’m pretty sure everyone knows this but after the sj.lp just mash on hk fast to get the LL(hk). Make sure you stop pressing hk as soon as Chunli gets too far from the other Chunli or else they could super you. By using this, you pretty much get free chip damage because the other Chunli can’t do much about it except parry. One nice way to use this is to do this once or twice and get them used to blocking and then the next time just throw.

Lately, I’ve been trying to use the mk kara-throw better by knowing the distances better and have had good results. Sometimes in a match, both characters are a little distance apart (a little bit outside chunli’s mk kara throw distance) and say your Chunli wanted to walk a bit forward and the opponent (which they will usually block), you could instead walk a bit forward and do a quick mk kara throw. Since the kara throw is so fast, its really hard for the opponent to counter it unless with a fast light attack or they can just tech. Just keep in mind though that after you move the step forward, you must quickly let go of the joystick so that it goes back into neutral position before pressing the mk or else the kara throw won’t come out and will whiff letting your opponent punish you. This works much better if you only have to move like half a step before being at max kara throw range because it gives the opponent less time to react to your throw.

This strategy works really great against people who like to just crouch a lot (turtles) but doesn’t fair as good as those others that like to move around or lot. Against the ppl that like to move around a lot, it’s better to do a tick first before the kara throw.

I’m making it sound like this strategy is godly, but really it isn’t because the other person can do so much to stop this really easily. For example, if the opponent turtles, they will throw out some normals occasionally and if they do this while you attempted the kara throw then of course you’re gonna get hit. Also, since this kara throw is pretty much at the max distance, it will be easier for the opponent’s light attacks to hit you out of it since Chunli must travel a greater distance to be able to throw the opponent. One last way ppl can counter this strategy is if they know you’re going to kara throw they can actually just move a step back making your throw whiff (because they throw off your max distance) and punish you. This is the reason why this strategy won’t really work against those that like to move around a lot.

Sorry about the messy post with all the info scattered around.

I’m trying to get used to doing the mashing on when getting hit by light poke attacks and I’ll post more about that later.

Anyone know of anyway to charge partition the Chunli’s Lightning Kicks or do it faster? Like could you tap on all 3 kick buttons and then mash on to get faster results?


If I’m not mistaken it’s 5 presses, I don’t know if you can alternat buttons with it though. What I do usually, is tap a kick button 3 or 4 times while Chun’s in back+fierce animation, then dash and tap kicks, and the legs should come out as soon as the dash ends.

It’s sort of risky, and I wouldn’t do it to the same opponent more than once, because it’s pretty easy to see comin’.

What I usually do is remember how many times I drum RH, then within an estimated time frame, either press it once or twice more, or not press it, but yeah it’s 5 inputs of the same kick button, iirc the lk and mk versions have delay after them, putting you at a frame disadvantage.

The best uses for it IMO is after a parried anti-air b+HP, you can always buffer it after it also. Also after an anti-air close s.RH, dash up lightning legs. If you need more setups, check my first post in this thread, I think I have a few there.

this just in, st.LK stops Twelves EX AXE cold:lol:

Chun vs Chun, if this matchup didn’t exist I might be good at the game. I have no Idea how to play the mirror match, I think i’ve played ricky and Cyanides Chun like a handful of times each and thats it.

I know that c.FK beats, so does f+mk. So I got that down, but what other tricks are there? I usually try to mindlesssly rush down with 50/50 's till we get meter then If im at an advatage, rake the super (basically) and then hopefully kill him with mine before he gets another bar:tdown:

Chun vs Chun is my least favorite matchup, tied with Chun vs Yun.

I have a lot of trouble with this one, even though I play it every week:lol:

Its all about taking every opportunity you can get and milking it as much as humanly possible, because against another Chun the opportunities wont come often. This is pretty much true vs everyone, but always have your super ready , cause if you hit with a cr.MK it might be the last time for a while.

Again, pretty much true for everyone but you always want to have a super. Since a lot of this match is standing around walking back and forth anyways:lol: take the opportunity to build meter. Ive learned (I learned this actually from playing Ricky and it makes sense) to build my meter with st.MP if the other Chun has a super, cause SA2 will punish a whiffed Fierce , lightning leg or Back Fierce for free if done to punish their recovery(keep that in mind for yourself as well if your opponant makes this mistake, free damage for you!).

If you know the tricks to get out 2 SA2’s , one right after the other, go for them, since the more time spent in this matchup is the more time for you to get hit with SA2.

Its basic stuff really, sorry I couldnt give you any game breaking tricks or anything hehe, it just takes playing this matchup over and over to get it. You’ll start to recognize spots openings for super and seize them.

You know that guy at SVGL who plays that really beastly Makoto? Play him whenever you get the chance, he plays a crazy Chun and is really good at Chun vs Chun. Also Im down anytime, lemme know when youre going, as I said this is one of my worst matchups, I need all the practice I can get. I remember your Chun and that shes quite solid:tup:

IMO Chun vs Chun really comes down to how much better one player is vs another…

Reaction time, estimated guesses, parrying, and some bravery play a part in this matchup. Tactics and things can only go so far in 3s because parrying is always an option.
Always remember to take some degree of risk when playing another chun that doesn’t have meter, the win-lose payoff is worth it in the longrun. Hope that helps.