Chun Li, and some other work

It’s been a long time since i last posted, i miss SRK.

(Edit: changes to the arm)

Lineart by Joe Ng

my fav is definitely ken. the brush strokes seem to make it more lively.

i’m seeing some foreshortening and anatomy issues with the chun li drawing. maybe you should work on the underdrawing a little more before coloring, because you obviously have a nice coloring technique down.

keep it up!

U have skilllzzz dood

I love the ken one two. I would like to used this for a custom stick picture.

good colours, I’m thinking what will take your work to the next level is learning to use your colours to define muscle tone. That way the characters’ uncovered areas will have a better feel to them (right now they seem a tad cylindrical and undefined)

Very nice indeed. Keep up the good work. You’ve improved a lot.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

‘Have a Heart’ (a title blatantly stolen from the GTA IV mission)

I remember you posting from way back. Your art has certainly improved. :tup:

definitely improved. i love your chun painting but her right leg could use some tweaking. cool stuff dude

Thanks guys.

I really like that Ken. Good Job.

always been a fan of your paints man. great textures. agreed with rook. define your muscles like you did in chuns forearm, you’ll be sraight. awesome job :tup:


Excellent shit man… You posted the “That makes 4” Ken right?
Dude that was some super sexy stuff, I’m actually trying to Find that right now, What a coincidence… Dude, Excellent work.

Late post I know… " But this is worth talking about…