Chun-Li b+HP xx SA2 stops hitting halfway - who does this happen on?

I’ve known it happens vs Makoto for a long time, but recently I had it happen vs Ken twice in one session, when I think I’ve very rarely (if ever) seen it before. One was a fairly long distance b+HP, but the other was point black… who else does it happen on? Does it occur vs other shotos?

I think it tends to happen against pokes that have limbs sticking out far enough when b fierce hits them as well. It happened before when I was playing against Elena as well when I counterpoked my friend and comboed into super.

Ive had it happen against Yun along with the others mentioned

but it seems most likely to occur at max range and/or crouching characters

On one of the US RanBat vids there’s an example of this occurring against Makoto. They ask Mike Z about it and he says that sometimes, if Makoto is crouching, Chun’s second set of kicks will randomly miss the first hit and let her block the rest of it.