Chun Li Basics: Reporting combos that begin with Back+Fierce!

Basic Back+Fierce Combos

Back+Fierce --> Fierce Kikkoken

Back+Fierce --> Short Spinning Bird Kick

Back+Fierce --> Forward Spinning Bird Kick

Back+Fierce --> EX Spinning Bird Kick

Back+Fierce --> Fierce Kikkoken --> Hoyouku-sen

Back+Fierce --> Hoyouku-sen

Back+Fierce --> Fierce Kikkoken --> Hoyouku-sen --> Superjumpcancel --> Fierce --> Fierce

Back+Fierce --> Houyouku-sen --> Superjumpcancel --> Fierce --> Fierce

Conditional Back+Fierce Combo (Only works when the opponent is jumping in on Chun Li)

Back+Fierce --> EX Lightning Legs

Useless Back+Fierce Combos

Back+Fierce --> Taunt

Back+Fierce --> Kikou-Shou

Back+Fierce --> Tensei-Ranka

These are the basic Chun Li combos that most Chun Li players need to know. In the basic section I ordered them from least damaging to most damaging. In order to execute the Back+Fierce into SBK, Charge down, do quarter circle back - hit fierce, quarter circle up - hit the appropriate kick button. You could even get fancy by charge partitioning the first charge --> down parry --> Back+Fierce --> SBK, but if you are already learning charge partitioning, you should be playing as Urien.

I did leave quite a few Back+Fierce combos out, because these were just variations on the basic ones. There are a few different things that you can do after superjumpcancel, but those are advanced mind games. Mainly it depends on where you want Chun Li to land in relation to your opponent after you get out of the air.

I will end this post with the most damaging Back+Fierce combo.

Back+Fierce --> Fierce Kikkoken --> Houyouku-sen --> Superjumpcancel --> Supercanceled Houyouku-sen

This combo is useless because the damage scaling function of the game engine makes the second Houhouku-sen do meager damage. Better to do Fierce --> Fierce.

edit*k, i got those combos down, cept for the super jump cancel thing. i can’t do it consistently, AND i can only get one fierce in when i do. can you help with that? also, do you know any other chun li combos? if there is a link you could give me if this was already asked, i’d appreciate it. thanks.

More combos can be found here.

As for the superjumpcancel, if you just mash on the fierce, the first fierce will whiff, and you will only hit with the second fierce. You actually have to time the button presses after the jump. The only thing that I can tell you is practice. You will start getting it.

no one is talking about the superjump cancel into fierce, fierce

read it again

i just picked up chun li i tried not to player after hearing the cheapness and such but frankly i dont care so how is she generally played defense or vise versa?

Back+Fierce --> Short Spinning Bird Kick ? WHAAAAAA 0_o

Yeah that shit had me weirded the fuck out too. However, crouching Fierce combos into short, forward and EX spinning bird kick.

really the only good b. fierce combo is b. fierce SA2… why bother partioning for sbk combos when you can just zone/build meter and super.

Also, why waste her meter on comboing ex sbk? if you have to use it, do it defensively… if you’re on the offense and the occasion to combo arises, just combo into super.

i know crouching does, but he had it back + fierce :frowning: seems really hard to do ?
as for wasting meter on it, im not sure it would be a good mix up, rather than fishing for an sa2 on a defensive player etc

Wow, bringing back a thread from 2003!


These combos are kinda out of context without strategy. The back+fierce + sbk combos are character specific. In so much that they are safe against a few characters. You can abuse it much like the cvs chip-trap chun, except in 3S, the SBK will only come out if the back+fierce connected with something.

So, you can start charging meter with back+fierce, and if you are doing the motion for the sbk, the sbk comes out only after the back+fierce connects, then you can do option down-parry/crouching jab into whatever your favorite poke-string is…

I didn’t bring it back lol, it was the top thread when i came in the chun forum.

sorry Rei, i was reading back on all the strag’s and came across few good threads, had to ask since ive never heard of it,
Thanks for the info btw.

I was just surprised that someone bumped an old thread of mine… anyway, this was a back+fierce thread, and most back fierce is done to charge meter… and do some punishing…