Chun Li basics....

Ok I guyz I just started trying to play third strike seriously again and Im starting with Chun Li. I know some of her basics like low mk into super, and how Back HP is good for meter building and stuffing attacks. But what are her other good pokes? I know that standing HP is pretty good and it does alot of damage. And can someone give me some help on her kara throw i know its vital to her game since it has super long range on it. Oh and one last question when i watch chun vids whats up with Chun players mashing on down and going back to neutral when they knock down there opponents into the corner? Thanks in advanced.

back + FP is good for building meter when you’re a safe distance away
st.MP is good for building meter from closer or if you feel back + FP might be risky

cr.MK is a good poke
cr.MP is good every once in a while if your opponent thinks he’s safely out of cr.MK range
FP is good, don’t do it from stupidly close
far FK goes over low pokes and links into SAII on crouching opponents (buffer the super, piano the kicks when you land)
cr. FK beats a lot of stuff and it’s a high parry that knocks down
back + FP beats a lot of stuff and cancels into super. Throw it out to beat pokes, buffer the super and if it connects with something, hit kick
up close, FK super jump cancels into super as well

back + MP, back + FP + FK (mash on FK for lightning legs if parried) and MK are decent anti-airs. neutral jump FK is a very good anti-air if you can pre-empt jumps well

up close, Chun-Li’s main mix-up is ticking with cr.LP (which comes out lightning fast) or cr.LK (slightly slower but has to be parried low) then kara-throwing or throwing out cr.MK for hit confirm

And yeah, Chun players do that tapping down thing after a knockdown to throw other player off what they’re going to do. I don’t do that myself but like to walk backwards and forwards slightly, tap down, then kara-throw. Just learn how to disguise your patterns and mix-up your play. Tick with cr.LP, walk up slightly so it looks like you’re going for plain old vanilla throw, then cr.MK. Tap down, then go for cr.MK. Just do whatever. You’ll develop your own tricks and techniques over time. Everyone reacts differently. Some Ken players like to SRK right after you do cr.LP or cr.LK for example, so cr.LK, then blocking is another idea, just to see how they react. Of course, you can also use the delay while blocking to try and fish for another cr.MK.

EX SBK is her best wake-up option if you’re going to be aggressive

EX fireball xx SAII is good for chip damage KO