Chun Li Beginners Thread: Don't Skip Leg Day


Hello. This is the the SF5 Chun-Li help, critique and level up thread :3

What did I do wrong and could have done better? How could I have squeezed in more damage? Why is the Seth matchup so ha… oh wait wrong game

This thread is for our newer (and not-so-new members) who wish for tips and guidance in the brave new world of SF5.
Replays/vids, suggestions and pitching in is greatly encouraged. Same for posting PSN and Steam ID’s in case you want to do the online thing.

Chun Li Intermediates Thread: Interpol Technology

Great thread title!


Looking forward to all the tips and tricks for Chun-Li. I’m looking to master her. I suck at fighting games, but I have always enjoyed playing as Chun-Li. This time, I am committed to getting better.


I think I will main Chun. I’m between her and Karin at the moment, but Chun is winning by a bit.

I’m pretty much a noob, so will be using this thread for susgetion.


Really looking forward to posting videos here for the queen.


I really like that Chun isn’t a full on charge character in SF5.
I’m not sure which characters I want to play, but Chun is high up on the list, right with Vega and Cammy.
I’ll get it on Steam, my Steam ID is FAI_CW if anyone wants to play next week :slight_smile:


Bafael has some great videos for help in SFV, so here you go.


[quote=“Max_The_Scrublord, post:7, topic:177742”]

Bafael has some great videos for help in SFV, so here you go.


Can she still juggle anti air’s in v-trigger? Never tested in Beta 4.


Yeah that’s still the same. Only off of medium and heavy anti-airs or air-to-airs. Doesn’t work off lights.


[quote=“Max_The_Scrublord, post:7, topic:177742”]

Bafael has some great videos for help in SFV, so here you go.


Is this video still current given it was made during beta 3?


He said he would update the video, but it seems like 99 percent of that will still work


All that worked during beta 4 which is the build everyone has now on release. Changes depend on the supposed first day patch that’s coming out.


Day one patch doesn’t include gameplay changes.


Hypothetically speaking, based on the last beta, if someone get a life-lead of say a quarter bar on Chun-Li, then backs into the corner and primarily crouch blocks with the intention to time-out the match, what is an efficient way, however difficult, to defeat them?


Keep walking into the corner with them and keep throwing out s.MP (+3) or stand a bit outside of that range and hit b.HP. As you build up the white chip they usually start to get nervous and jump out or assume you’re going to try and throw them start mashing on throw tech. Adapt to which they end up doing and throw them or punish the throw tech with buttons accordingly.


Holy shit, really? I thought the day one patch included the changes that were supposed to make the launch version “different” from the betas. Wasn’t Combo going on about that? What a massive letdown that would be if it’s basically just beta4. I mean I’m still hype as hell to get my hands on it, but come on.


Trust in Combofriend.


Front page :frowning:


Interesting tactic. Thanks for responding.


Yeah but what about the ones who keep their cool. What do I do then?