Chun Li Beginners Thread: Don't Skip Leg Day

It’s not a matter of people keeping their cool, it’s a matter of you reading your opponents defensive options.

You can do walk up, frame traps, throws. Then when they try to fight back and they try to punish your walk up by sticking out a normal, you can walk in and outside of their range and make them whiff it and whiff punish it. (You walk inside and outside to try and fake a walk-up, to bait them into throwing out a normal, which you can then whiff punish). That’s how you open people up. If they are in the corner you have a HUGE advantage because they can’t simply walk backwards. This is so important, because you now know EXACTLY how far their normals will reach, and you can stand at the exact spot at where their normals will whiff.

And yeah, if they panic and jump, you obviously anti air them. Be ready for it. Most people panic in the corner lol

I am having a hell of a time trying to get the timing right for st mp cr mkxxSBK. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

its a really late cancel so u need to cancel the cr mk as late as possible. try to play around with the cancel timing. once u get it it becomes significantly easier. And I start charging before the st mp even connects out to maximize charge time.

For the life of me I can’t master sMP cMK to spining kick lol. Been doing some of the stuff I read here but still can get the thing on time.

it’s tough for me to get the hang of basic spacing & pokes-- the “filler” stuff between obvious punishes and combos. i was pretty good with chun’s fundamentals back in sf4, but this is a new game and her normals feel completely foreign to me.

f. hp and far st. mp seem to get stuffed by a lot of things. st. mk feels like it has too little range / low priority to poke with, while cr. mk feels like it also gets stuffed a lot of the time. cr. hk is an okay punish / surprise now and then but i end up relying on it and using it way too much. f. hk reminds me of sf4’s f. mk, where it’s main use seems to be to gain a little space rather than be a poke.

my typical situation is having an opponent hang out around f. hp range and just hover there, throwing out pokes / moves that are relatively safe which also out-range or stuff most of my options. then i feel forced to either cr. hk (bad habit) or jump at them (which they expect), and then get brutally punished.

any advice appreciated

Critique time. Some bad losses here. Thinking of them as learning experiences.


Notice my progress as the matches evolve. The matches are listed in play order.]

Versus Karin (Loss)

Critique: My first fight online. This Karin player is really solid and experienced. They took advantage of spacing, tripping me when I walked forward, and maximized damage when necessary. It doesn’t help that I’m leaving myself open because I’m not hit confirming. The comeback I had on round 2 is pretty solid but very, very unpolished. Old habits die hard and I busted out lights occasionally on the third round, where I was absolutely destroyed. I need to check the frame data on Chun and see which moves are unsafe.]

Versus Dhalsim (Win)

Solid fight on my part and the Dhalsim wasn’t a complete slouch either. He did a fairly admirable job trying to keep me out, but his pattern grew predictable. Buttons were pressed here and it cost me a lot of health. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Crush Counter system. He did really good on the second round when I did manage to get in. I think a tour of the lab will prove useful when testing my moves against Dhalsim’s to see how I can beat some of his moves.]

Versus Ryu (Loss)

Absolutely aggravating match. I tried to EX SBK multiple times at the tail end of the first round when being pressured on wakeup. His pattern is predictable and I didn’t manage to anti-air him when I needed to. Good second round for me where I simply outplayed him and exploited his weaknesses and habits, but the third round I playing sloppy all around and I know I can play better than that. I was outplayed.]

Versus Cammy (Disconnect)

BRUTAL first round. Outplyaed, out-footsied, everything. Holy fuck. Nothing more I can say. Sound round was going more in my favor until I was disconnected. I would have no shame losing against that Cammy and I need to train against their tactics in the lab tomorrow. Seriously, what the fuck? Backhand looks like it’s plus on block. Please release FA Tool SFV on iOS!

@ScrubLi I really liked your fight vs Dhalsim!

As for the Ryu fight I think you should learn some crush counter punishes next. He just couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t spank him hard.

I think both you and I are a but obvious in our intentions. We need to mask our thoughts more. I noticed aswell that you almost always wake up crouch blocking.

My wake up options seem limited in SFV compared to IV. No backdash invincibility so I’m not sure what to do on wakeup besides ex sbk and cr block.

Good tip on the crush counters. I’m hoping Bafael’s Chun combo guide has crush counter combos in it.

I have been learning Ryu as I was told he was the core of Street Fighter, I am really interested in picking up Chun-Li though. Is it time to switch away from Ryu or should I keep working fundamentals with him? This question bugs me quite a lot so I might as well ask around!

  • Hopefully this coincides with the point of this thread, if not mb!

hi @ScrubLi, me too,im still training myself to become better Chun player ^^, anyway u got gud matches there just need improvement,same goes to mine,i don’t do well too T_T, anyway,how do u post those replay up?i want to share it see if any1 can help me which part of game i need to improve,hehe

Just use your phone and record your screen if you don’t have a cap card or software. :shy:

SF5 seems to be easier execution-wise, and characters are not terribly hard to pick up. I woudn’t do away with Ryu just yet (especially if you’re now), I think there is value in learning more than one character, or at least two.

Hi @LordVader ! If you’re on ps4, just set up a youtube account and share the fights to youtube with the share button.

lol @4neqs, i know,just want to record it in gud quality,i don’t think phone can record it really gud,haha

hi @ScrubLi, im not on ps4,im on pc,i guess fraps/ bandicam or etc works well?

Bandicam should work fine. Use Handbrake to compress your file sizes though.

New video. Criticism would be nice. I had no idea how to open them up and I was scared I’d get hit if I went for a throw.

720p mode phone/cam should be good. If you really want quality, then def look for BandiCam or get something like an Avermedia cap device.

I have about 90 hours into USF4 with only about ~25 actually practicing. Would you recommend switching day to day between Ryu and Chun-Li training then?

Pick whichever you wish to play. Ryu is looking really good and so is Chun. Do your preference. Remember Chun is a charge character and Ryu is a motion one. Chun probably has the hardest execution in this game, but still easier than USFIV.

My issue isn’t how easy one is per say, nor how high on the tier list, rather which is more beneficial in the long run to start learning now. I don’t mind the charge portion of Chun-Li, though I do find plinking (I believe it is called) is quite difficult even on simple combos, such as cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx HK Legs/MK SBK. I can do legs np, canceling into SBK is much harder.