Chun Li Best in the game?

Im sure many people have seen this tier list, But Eventhubs released a tier list lately and well…
Look for yourself
Super Street Fighter 4 Tiers ? Character Rankings :

Tier lists are the most important thing in the game don’t worry about practicing combos or match ups just read the tier lists and memorize the tier lists so you can counter pick every person you fight and then you will be the tier list master gotta catch em all tier lists are really important because it lets you know whether or not you can complain about the character you play see if you play chun who is now the best in the game obviously you are playing a broken character who is too good and other players should lose to you because your character is so good and if you play makoto or sakura you will lose because thats what the tier list says which leads me to another point tier lists are really underrated people should pay more attention to tier lists because they are made by omnipotent beings who know more about the game than anyone else and who’s opinions on the match ups are final and absolute see and it’s japanese too which means it’s correct because daigo is japanese and he is the best player ever that no one will ever beat and so he makes tier lists in his spare time because its more important than playing the game or sleeping tier lists tier lists teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer liiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssstttttttttttttsssss

go on

so we made top tier?


does any one feel a little pressured?

hows that? she is vega only diffrence is shittier pokes, and she can combo into ultra easy mode.

She has better air priority than Vega, she has a true damaging reversal Vega don’t, She can zone you out, she has some pretty combo, she can rush you down like a poor chick…

After watching Ricky vs. Vangief at EVO this year its clear Chun-Li is overpowered, Far RH is too good, ex legs is much easier to use than ex HHS in combos, etc.

Far RH is worse in this game than it was in Vanilla, FYI. 1 Frame startup and recovery added.
Gief got worse.
Chun got Df. LK hitbox + juggles, if you’re going to cry OP, at least do it right.

It’s funny that you use those moves as examples of why Chun is overpowered when they were nerfed from Vanilla. Far RH has slower startup and EX Legs does less damage in Super than in Vanilla.

All I’m wondering is how long this Japanese wiki list will last. I’m looking forward to seeing new players online try to mash reversal EX Legs and U2 their way to victory only to find out that she has a steep learning curve when it comes to her footsies.

Vangief was careless during that match, period. He ate way too many st. rh to the face. It’s one of the most annoying matchups for gief because it takes so much time for him to inch forward. Anyway, one good matchup doesn’t make anyone overpowered.

Chun doesn’t over power gief. I would say the match is in giefs favor or 5-5 at worse. Vangief wasent using u2 properly after the first round and he ate way to many rh’s to the face. chun’s wake up options are limited with no reversal options without meter. So if you knock her down without meter she can’t get out vs gief. If she does have meter but you have u2 she can’t wake up exsbk Or neu jump without risking eating u2. She’s got good normals and some decent damage output. She’s top tier but I would put guile bison and rog above her.

Chun is not Vanilla Sagat. Chun is a fly, she can annoy you hard, but when you’re in you can smash her without be worried about consequance.

She won’t be top for ever, she’ll drop to high in time.

I agree with amoco, Rog is top IMO. He has too many advantages… Best normal in the game, best super in the game, best ultra in the game, best rushdown pressure in the game… He’s the best.

He could keep up with old sagat in IV, and now in super he’s still the same…

Since when does Rog have the best ultra, super and rushdown?

Ultra : - You can place the setup wherever you want. No corner or specific situtation needed.

  • The setup ( headbutt to ultra ) is the dumbest in the game. ( yeah Rufus you’re not number One )
  • I think ( need to be verified ) HBUTT to ultra is the most damaging ultra setup in the game.
  • His ultra serve for other purpose ( against fireballer, to cheap other to death ect… ). You can even AA with it.

What do you want more about an Ultra ? Balrog has the best ultra in the game.

Super : Rog can cancel this shit from any move he wants. So when he has his super stored ( this happen pretty much often when you play boxer ) and you have 40% of your life bar left, it will take a dash punch ( or a C.lp xx punch ) for boxer to finish you off. And that’s something. Tell me which super can do better ?

Honda can cancel a Headbutt to his super, but a Headbutt is not as versatile as rog punch.

Rushdown : You want an explication ? Really ?
I always thought it was an evidence that balrog had formidable ( if not the best ) offense in the game

actually no. Vega has better air control. better air grab, faster jump. and he has a air move that is just as good as the shoto’s not only that i have better range than you. my combo’s hurt more than yours, and always end in untech knockdown. and your firball really doesnt zone, you cant abuse st.hp,, sweep, or because my, sweep, and spaced CH eat that shit alive. you did get one thing right the poor man reversal, but even then its not that great you cant fadc.

I said this earlier in the General thread, and I will say it again:

The tier listings aren’t about ease of winning.

Tier charts assume that every character is performing at their top potential, regardless how hard it is for the player to reach “top potential.”

Tier listings assume no dropped combos, no missed Ultras, no missed anti-airs. It doesn’t take into account player skill, or the amount of work involved to gain a win.

I have a strong feeling that the reason Sagat was top of the tier list in Vanilla was partially due to his incredibly high damage output, and because of his f+HK > Ultra off of uppercut FADC or even an uppercut trade. Plus he had great fireball zoning. So, as a result, we were seeing a lot of Sagat players because he is so easy to use.

I don’t mean to rag on Sagat players, but his learning curve is not as steep as Chun’s, and with a charge character you can’t just mash during a blockstring hoping to fish out a Reversal. Chun is slightly different because EX Legs can be mashed, but let’s face it, it’s not the best Reversal move. But if you try to mash out EX SBK and it doesn’t come out, you lose charge and have to wait to get it back, as opposed to slamming the stick back and forth between D and DF and smacking the punch buttons.

So yes, Sagat was top of the tier list in Vanilla, and (at least for now) Chun is top of the tier list in Super, but that doesn’t mean we are going to see a flood of Chun users. We might see an increase, but as people have been saying, as soon as people realize how deep Chun’s game is, they’ll either learn it and join the Fellowship of the Thigh, or they’ll go back to whoever they used to play.

i dont believe that chun is tops…she MIGHT be… but ireally dont see it at this point in time… i definitely think shes top 5 though.

and spoki… your on crack if you think rogs rushdown is some of the best in the game. its good no doubt, but not the best. as far as his ability to cancel into super… so can the entire cast… hell ibuki has VIABLE combos that do 500 or so damage with super… a reset shes got does like 720 damage with super…

imho rufus is the best in the game… u2 covers his bad matchups too well.


Well said. When ever a tougher character to play is top tier I imagine noobs trying to learn them and complain about how much they’re losing or how hard it is to play them.

Vega has better air control than Chun ? Your jump his less floaty, that’s all. Objectively, air control does not depend on jump’s speed or arc, but on the move. Keep in mind Guy.
Chun air move have much range ( ), and J.hp priority is broken. Try in the train room to counter it with vega move, glory surprise, that won’t work from most angle.
Although I don’t know wether his air grab his better than her or not, got to be tested. I know for sure Guile air grab is better, but I don’t really know for Vega/Chun.

Yes, her fireball suck, against another “fireballer”. Against the rest of the cast, her fireball can actually zone. The short recovery time and the spacing, kill Honda gameplay for example. They’re ok against Vega, as you’re using them sparingly.

Anyway, Zoning is not all about fireball you know. Do you know how difficult it is to approch a good Chun li ? Especially with Vega. If you don’t know, may I suggest you to fight against a good Chun li or watch a pro chun li playing.

Did I say that Chun li’s combo were more damaging than Vega’s one ? Nope.

And yeah, her EX sbk suck as a reversal, but at least, when you’re pressuring a chun li, you have to be worried about it. Stuck Vega in the corner, and we’ll know what’s going to happen. Match is over.

Anyway, I agree with you. Chun didn’t deserve to be top, I already said she’ll probably drop to high tiers. She’s too vulnerable, almost like akuma ( at Least he has shoryu fadc dash back and free teleport to escape, Chun don’t ).
But what’s makes her good is not godlike shit or broken move. Chun is an overall solid character. The more I play with her, the more I feel like you can’t really guess how a chun player will play. She can manage to adapt to every character in the game, she doesn’t have one gameplan, she can do everything.

True. But lp DStraight is what makes balrog dangerous, this move is too easy to land, relatively safe and all. You have plenty opportunities to land it. AA, pressure, punish, footsie… Unlike other cast’s move.
Adding to Rog " not the best but fantastic " offense, IMO it’s the best super, you could give to him, and the best super in the game.

its not hard to approach really. its not, if Vega can approach Sagat, Dhalsim, Ryu, he can brush that fireball aside. and ive played shizza. zonning doesnt work my friend, you got to rush that shit down if your chun otherwise i win. my,, air grab own you in the skies. the sad part is that Vega hasnt been close to being fully discovered because everybody uses cr.mpxx ex fba and jfhk/hp. Makoto just recently proved my theories, that once Vega corners you its game over.

you dont have to worry once about sbk when you are block stringing, its a charge move only time is if im doing a critical 1 frame, but i use Vega so not scary. and on wake up, its not scary really. you know what i respect? Messiah, or Dp, moves that can fadc.