Chun li can control it too, Dark Phoenix!


Not exactly sure if I should have made a new thread to display this, but for those you of you looking to main phoenix can now abuse chun’s invincible frames and take out dark phoenix for good. ( for only KFC and 2 meters. That’s a good trade for 5)

Thanks, dude. That’s awesome. Would you like to get Chun-Li matches in?

Heres the problem, looks like you have to do Chun’s super before Dark Pheonix activates?

Can Phoenix use x factor to make that safe?

Did you set phoenix to all block? I’m pretty sure she has 0 recovery.

I don’t really play online. I do when I get extremely bored, but I tend to stay away from online.

You can actually do it after, but the timing is far too strict, so you’d be better off doing it to dodge the fullscreen attack

Yeah she does have 0 frames of recovery, but something like that is nice to know in case there’s a phoenix sleeping on their block game.

So… she can’t control it.

Won’t pheonix just punish the super with a huge damage, possibly OHKO combo? Seems like it would be better to trigger the transformation with a safe move.

So, she can’t control it.

sad sad sad…

So you mean if the dark phoenix player isnt a moron they can block that? SMH.


Yeah Phoenix CAN block after the transformation. The reason why those other anti DP strats work is they they (for the most part) are either meaty throws from out of range or in She-Hulk’s case an invincible meaty throw that goes through the burst.