Chun-Li Charges?

So, My main is Chun-Li in Street Fighter IV. I’m not very good at working with charges at the moment, and at this point, because of some of the charges (such as that of EX Legs and her super and ultra), I am literally just standing there crouched and blocking for seconds at a time while I wait for my charges, and then when I do let them out, they’re completely predictable.
I know that you’re supposed to hold the charges during other moves and whatnot, but I don’t know how to cancel very well, so it’s not possible for me to cancel into Chun’s supers and ultras.

Also, I have a tactic where, seeing as it has pretty high priority, I use EX legs at the start of a match when I’m approached to do some damage and knock them back…
I feel like it’s pretty rookie, but i know that EX legs are a pretty important part of any Chun-Li comboset.
Is it a viable option, or should I drop it while I still can?

Also, just an auxiliary question, how long did it take some of you veterans to get a really good grip on you character’s best combos and whatnot? Because I took a look at the comboset for Chun-Li on this forum and I was a little overwhelmed…

Start off with her basics, no need to worry about any of the other ones until you have a grasp on these. An easy way to achieve ex legs is to double tap all 3 kick buttons fairly quickly. Of course there are a few more precise methods but its requires grueling training.

Bread n butter combo: x3 > ex legs

Punish combo : st.rh > ex legs

Jump in combo: Target Combo > c.hp > spinning bird kick

I believe you can link the ultra from her standing far jab but its way too hard if you can’t do the bnbs yet, so stick with trying to learn > super until you get the hang of that, although not the best tactic in the world you have a better chance of hitting that then a random super.

If they are approaching you then its better not to throw point blank ex legs out. You have great pokes, use them. St.hp (far version), st.rh (far version), (far).

Read the Chun forums to learn advanced stuff.

Even though I might not main Chun, what I like most is her option selects after a throw.

Here’s a video that will teach you some basic option selects in SFIV :


In my opinion, if you can’t charge, do some option selects.

Chun also has a high priority Air Grab. Chun can zone in with her fireballs and if they jump, and you can time a jump correctly, you can throw them in the air. Not many moves have priority over Chun’s Air grab, so if she has is, abuse it!

Learn to zone with Chun’s fireballs, they are a great asset when playing. You can bait out fireballs with Chun’s fireballs to get in Chun’s ultra since her ultra can go though them and the Ultra almost goes full-screen. Just make sure you do the ultra when they throw out a HP/MP (depending on distance), because Chun is very punishable after her ultra. Again, also learn zoning with fireballs and air grabs.

Chun’s EX legs are only part of her great combo set. 2x xx EX Legs (x2 depending on distance of opponent) > Ultra (full hits in corner) can do some good damage.

As for learning all the combos she has, you don’t have to learn all of them. Learn a few of them, and try to work them into your strategy. I main Sakura and have been playing SF since SFII, and mained Sakura since SFA2/3, but it took me about 2/3 months to get Sakura’s main BnB combos in SFIV. Go to training mode, practice a few BnB combos until you get them down consistently, learn how to be patient when playing, and most of all, just have fun. You’ll win more when you have more fun with the game instead of getting frustrated with it.

Hope this helps!


you can’t cancel into ultra i think. you can combo into it though. If you watched people play and see they look like they don’t need time to charge when they cancel a normal into a special, they had charge ahead of time. So if you see someone do like a few pokes in sequence and end it with a fireball, they were holding back while hitting those light kicks and punches and then they peformed the forward motion and hit punch after one of the jabs for the fireball. That’s just an example.