Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



Here’s a list for you reference. For some reason the time stamp short cut isn’t working so skip to 5:23 if you want to go straight to the slide to VT cancel combos. Hope this helps!


Tutorial video for the SBK(M) bread and butter combo. Hope this helps people struggling with the SBK combos. Let me know what you guys think!


I actually can do her mk sbk bnb pretty consistently. But i had no idea of the double tap method. I’m gonna start trying that. Maybe it’ll improve my execution rate. Thank you so much for all of your Chun-Li execution vids.


Glad it helped. I thought of the multi tap method after struggling to get the earliest charge start time. Multi tapping might help for the up+MK part as well.


Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple! Usually you see Chun-Li’s super do only a few pixels. Way more damaging without using V-Trigger. Thoughts? Since Kikoken is a charge move, after crossup MK you can’t do this combo. Using crossup MK, s MP, c MK, qcf hk reduces the super even more to the point where it might not be worth it.


How does Onuki do c LK, c LP, s LP, SBK? SBK off of s LP?!


Your flick your stick from down to up to do SBK. In the middle of this movement (when your stick is at neutral) you press LP to do st.LP, then immediately afterwards the stick is at upwards position and you press LK to cancel into spinning bird (you have to do it pretty quickly, but you don’t have to plink). At least that’s how I do it. So the inputs are:

-hold down during cr.LKx2/cr.LK->cr.LP/cr.LPx2 or whatever
-move stick up and press LP when its at 5 (neutral)



The first combo does more damage but uses less resources!

^It does 515 on counter hit FYI :slight_smile:


Season 2 Chun combos


Looks like we are gonna have to re-learn all of her combo routes.


Also looks like we’ll either need VT, use her awful VS, or a risky jump in with an unsafe follow up to generate any type of damage. Ugh. We might have to fish for CC for V-gauge now.


Those combos suck. Almost no damage and have to rely heavily on V-Trigger. They screwed Chun over. Only so called buff I like is the overhead can combo without V-Trigger, but it’s so slow most people will easily block it. NOBODY better ever complain about losing to Chun EVER again. Chun and Mika got raped in season 2. Time to switch mains.


IALL definitely looks like something you will now only ever use to beat throw attempts as opposed to using it with combos. There’s no point in linking that with leg combos for such crap damage, especially with all the new risks given to the air legs.


So is ALegs, Cr. Lp, St. Mp, Cr. Mk xx SBK not doable anymore?
spent a lot of time practicing crap like that for nothing if so.
I’m really curious to see her non-VT combos and how efficient St. Lk still is.


Yeah you can’t link c lp after air legs anymore so that combo isn’t possible anymore.


It really shucks for recent convert like me. I have been practicing the air Lightening Legs (medium kick version) and found the light kick version input is more difficult than the medium kick version, yet now the medium kick version is now practically useless.

New air legs combos
Max damage combos
Cr.lp counter hit combos


Sucks for Chun. All her new stuff is boring and low damage and pretty much useless. Season 1 Chun on paper was the best character. However, that’s on paper. In reality, one had to play perfect in order to make the on paper stats actually legit. No one on Earth can play a perfect game with Chun. If one made a mistake vs a Ken, Mika, Necali, etc, Chun would be dead in high level play.

Yes, season 1 Chun did well overall, but Nash won EVO, and Mika won Capcom Cup. So, was Chun this overpowered unbeatable character in season 1? No. Was she the best character? Theoretically, yes. In reality? No.

I know it’s hard to balance games, but I just feel Capcom didn’t really take too much thought into it and just said okay let’s nerf this that and this and give her some stupid so called buffs to try and cover up our lack of caring about the people that spent time and energy learning season 1 Chun and the fans of Chun li in general.

People complained about Chun being boring. Well, now she is even more boring. All we will see is into to legs all day. I’m already tired of seeing into legs into Vtrigger back into legs rinse and repeat.

Chun went from being theoretically overpowered on paper to worst charc in the game without V-Trigger. That isn’t how you balance games.