Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu




Landing that cc with v-trigger is nearly impossible.


Not sure if this is old news, but from max range CH can combo into
It can be set up pretty easily too. If you score a knockdown from sbk or ex legs and the opponent back rolls, slight delay after sbk/ex legs, forward dash then
CH, xx m.sbk is 238 dmg 430 stun. Not as good as CH, cr.lp,, xx m.sbk 250/513 but if you’re out of range it’s a good second option. Also if you have VT ready you can xx h.legs for a VTC combo. CH, xx h.legs VTC, cr.hp xx h.sbk for 302/492
Might be old news but I saw MOV fishing for CH, a lot last night. Figured it could be new tech


Anyone else surprised Chun is so low in the usage ranking?


Been saying it since season 2. Chun sucks now. People that say she is still top tier are dumb as fuck and don’t know shit about the game and don’t even play the character. ALMOST EVERYONE dropped chun after season 1.

Never will understand why Capcom gave Urien so many buffs but wanted to nerf Chun. This shit is stupid as fuck.


She wasnt that popular in S1 either, which surprised me.


Made a combo video with quirky stuff. Mostly for flash but thought you guys would appreciate it.

Don’t Skip Leg Day: SFV S2 Chun-Li Combo Video


Oh wow, that was fun to watch. Thanks @SeaLeafDojo .

Out of curiosity, do you plan to update your “Chun-Li practical combo” video?


@Chun-Li_Forever Practical combo video is on the list for upcoming videos.


0:18 How does he connect that st.lp to helicopter kick?



  • Charge down during the light Lightning Legs
  • release charge and hit st.lp instantly
  • hit up+ kick instantly after the st.lp (to get the spinning bird kick)

its a timing thing. You’re basically carrying the down-charge input 6 frames even after letting it go.


I use QCF+MK for the second Lightning Legs. You can use EX Lightning Legs instead but I don’t think it’s worth the meter for the small damage difference. That first combo shows one of Chun-Li’s few buffs.


If you’re going to use VTrigger and happen to land J. Hp and go into Cr. Hp
you are better off canceling into Kikouken VT activate, F+Hk, Cr. Lk, St. Mp,, xx MK SBK 348 Dmg/555 Stun
adding EX Kikouken will net you 374/545
going to CA - 511/525


I was thinking about HumanBomb’s CH cr.lp->>cr.HP->VT…
Since that one works only with CH and VT i was thinking that CH crl.lp->cr.HP->EX.Kikouken-> cr.lp if close enough) could also work without VT and with one EX bar. Dont know if i missed something but it seems like better option to me.

Ok, nvm cr.lp-> has better range


Hello all,

Just started to learn SFV, and Chun Li was the character who clicked the most with me. Been biting my nails on what Capcom does about her after the rather crushing changes in Season 2.

One thing I noticed while practising Chun’s BnB combos, is that the CharmingRogue’s damage and stun values are slightly off. My version number is 2.010
What I’m seeing for BnB’s is:
c.LP, s.MP, c.MK xx m.SBK [216 / 394]
c.LP, s.MP, c.MK xx l.SBK [202 / 396]

c.LP, c.LP, s.LK xx L.SBK [167 / 345]

Seems like her damage has been increased slightly. I wrote the values down to a paper a day ago, and the m.SBK BnB then gave different values. Could somebody confirm this? I’m really not that confident on that s.LK xx L.SBK transition, I can only make it happen like every tenth time I try it. Gotta grind more I suppose.

This does give me hope that perhaps Capcom cares afterall. I’m interested to see the actual balance patch (unless this was it).


Welcome fellow Chun-li player.

The xx l.sbk is a tech that still challenges me to this day. But @SeaLeafDojo posted a video that kind of helps.


Not sue why you have those numbers. Her bnb damage is still the same post nerf after season 1. Just tested it.


You have counter on. I don’t think damage has changed in this patch.


Thanks for checking it out, I had probably activated counter hit without realizing it. Switching it on, I get the same numbers I wrote above.

Without counter hit on, I’m seeing the following, which I believe to be the correct.
c.LP, s.MP, c.MK xx L.SBK [196/382]
c.LP, s.MP, c.MK xx M.SBK [210/380]

I’m seeing slight improvements to the BnB combo every time I start SFV. The light combo obviously needs more practise


The best thread for all the Chun Li’s lovers out here! Thanks for these combos!