Chun Li Combo Thread: Showing Off Her Kung Fu



I’m having trouble landing the MK spinning bird kick after st. MP, cr.MK


You have to charge down as fast as possible after the, then late cancel the

It’s a tough combo to learn, but once you learn it it’s easy. Most people take a week or 2 to get it, practicing like an hour a day or so. Learn to late cancel the and it becomes easier. You may also want to try cancelling into L sbk off of,… it’s what I do. I cancel into m sbk from cr.lp,, because there’s an easier buffer to use.

But just practice a lot.


Thanks man, do you know of any videos where it shows someone imputing the motion and in game footage at the same time?


@xcamero360 Here are two videos that helped me nail the sbk combo.


[quote=“Chun-Li_Forever, post:244, topic:177741”]

@xcamero360 Here are two videos that helped me nail the sbk combo.


Thanks, by the way is your fighter ID the same as your username? I think I remember fighting you online and getting destroyed lol


I do. Chun-Li_Forever is my SRK username as well as SFV FIghter ID. :slight_smile:


FYI: my video is from Season 1 so minor details like damage/stun numbers and c. LP connecting on standing opponents after iaHRK may no longer apply. Execution method, however, should still be the same. Good luck!


Thanks guys!


Made a practical combo video for her S2 changes. Let me know what you guys think!


@SeaLeafDojo Awesome video man. Thank you so much for this. I’m definitely gonna watch this over and over again and study from it.


I was originally planning on doing b,f+HP as the counter-hit confirm for the CH c LP into c MK but I found it really isn’t practical due to the incredibly long required charge time on b,f+HP. MK SBK is way more damage and wall carry anyways. The initial hit, c LK, is 3f. On normal hit Chun-Li shouldn’t have much trouble hit confirming c LK, c LP into LK SBK. LK SBK’s charge time is short.

Thoughts on this blockstring VS c LP, s MP, c MK, which I think gets the c MK whiffed if they standing guard the c LP?


James Chen commentating #Dreamhack2017 #Austin Punk VS Justin said after Justin hit Chun-Li c LK x2, “He won’t be able to hit confirm into anything off of that.” c LK x3 works as a 3 hit Blockstring though. Seems really good actually.


The opponent can start walking backward after blocking the first hit of that and make the third cr. LK whiff. I made a video months ago about the inconsistencies of confirming with cr. light attacks (I also emailed it as part of feedback on the issue overall and got a response months later from Capcom Support that they let the team know… not necessarily that they’ll do anything about it though).


I hate how most people can just walk out of Chun’s throw range, but Chun can’t walk out of anyone else’s


Quick Q:

Can you combo xx piano k(hk)?



Impressive. Thank you @forest31 Love watching your Chun-Li vids.


Chun’s new trials are up. Some of the combos are suboptimal, some are things you’ve been using already if you play chun, and they’re all at least pointing you in the right direction if you’re new to her. Trial 10 is easy, practical and nets over 500 damage


QCF,uf,f,df+MK Air Legs, c LK, QCF+MK, c LK, QCF+MK. 195 isn’t bad.


Not bad, but I would reccommend ending the combo with an EX Legs for knockdown + corner carry.